• Thursday, October 10th  
    5:15 - 6:45 PM  
    Anderson Academic Commons, 290  

    Win prizes! Learn something new! Join interested and interesting people in a livestream of the Rocky Mountain Regional Ombuds Day Event.

    Conflict Revolution: Designing Preventative Systems for Chronic Social, Economic and Political Conflicts.

    Speaker: Ken Cloke, BA, JD, PhD, LLM
    A world-recognized mediator, dialogue facilitator, conflict resolution systems designer, teacher public speaker, author, and pioneer in the field of mediation and conflict resolution.


    About Ombuds Day

    The term "ombudsman" (ahm-buhdz-man) is a Scandinavian word, which literally means "representative." At the most fundamental level, an ombudsman is one who assists individuals and groups in the resolution of conflicts or concerns. There are a number of different titles or names for this position: "ombudsman," "ombudsperson" or "ombuds", among others.

    Ombuds work in all types of organizations, including government agencies, colleges and universities, corporations, hospitals and other medical facilities, prisons and news organizations.

    The American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution (ABA DR) has designated the second Thursday of October as Ombuds Day to coincide with Conflict Resolution Month and as a reiteration of ABA Resolution 103, which provides, "the American Bar Association encourages greater use and development of ombuds programs that comply with generally recognized standards of practice, as an effective means of preventing, managing, and resolving individual and systemic conflicts."


    Jenna Brown, Ombuds


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