• Sunny Portugal, Estoril Coast, Alentejo & Algarve

  • Company: Collette Travel
    • November 12th – 21st, 2019
    • $3,199 Double Occupancy;
    • $3,400 Single Occupancy;
    • Save $200 per person for bookings before May 13, 2019
    • Includes Round Trip Airfare from Denver    
    Brief Description:
    Explore sunny Portugal, with its miles of dramatic shoreline and legacy of global discovery. Discover Lisbon your way with a choice of included sightseeing. Enjoy a three-night stay in a beautiful resort town on the Portuguese Riviera. Savor time to meander its narrow cobblestone streets, oceanfront promenade and quaint bay area. In Evora, step inside a medieval walled city with Roman ruins. Travel to Portugal's scenic “Silver Coast,” dotted with charming villages and castles..and more.
    Facilitator: No facilitator with this tour; This is NOT an OLLI Only tour
    To learn more about this trip go to:
                                        SOLD OUT
  • Signature City Memphis: Magic on the Mississippi

  • Company: Road Scholar AND an OLLI ONLY trip
    • November 17th – 22nd, 2019 - $1,599
    • Double Occupancy; $2,179
    • Single Occupancy - 
    • Does Not include Airfare        
    Brief Description:
    Learn the unique story of Memphis, from its blues and rock ’n’ roll to its National Civil Rights Museum, from the role of the Mississippi River to artistry of antebellum architecture.
    Facilitator Larry Tannenbaum, OLLI West, will be providing a class on ‘The Blues’ Spring term, 2019. Attendance at the class is not required.
    This is an Exclusive Learning Adventure for OLLI at DU members. The group will go with 10 travelers and will have no more than 24 travelers.
                                                       SOLD OUT
  • Shades of Ireland (including Northern Ireland)

  • Company: Collette Travel AND an OLLI Trip

    • 13 days from June 1st to the 13th, 2020
    • Double Occupancy - $4,749
    • Single Occupancy - $5,499
    • Includes Round trip Airfare from Denver International Airport (DIA)
    • Register prior to December 1st for a $200 discount for OLLI Members

    Brief Description:

    From vibrant and history-filled Dublin, across rolling green hills to the dramatic coast and onwards to Derry, experience the charms of Ireland on this magical tour of the Emerald Isle.

    • Uncover the legend of the Titanicat Belfast’s famed Titanic Experience;
    • View the Atlantic from the stunning 700-foot Cliffs of Moher;
    • Tour the walled city of Derry;
    • Stand on the awe-inspiring Giants Causeway;
    • Experience the world-famous beauty of the Ring of Kerry;
    • And much more.
    For more information contact:
    Refer to Booking #976961

    OLLI-on-Campus Manager, Jackie Wyant, will be offering a course on Ireland at OLLI-On-Campus and will be joining the trip. 

    OLLI ON Campus Ireland Winter Term Courses – all four week courses
    First Four Weeks:
    Tuesday Afternoons: (1/14 – 2/4)
     Leaving Ireland: A Historical Fiction Portrait of One Woman’s Journey (Book Club)
         (Linda Keller)
    Wednesday afternoons (1/15 -2/5)
    an Gorta Mor: The Irish Potato Famine
    (Dr. James Walsh)
    Second Four Weeks:
    Tuesday afternoons (2/11-3/3)
    From Famine to Flour Mill: An Irish Immigrant’s Path of Success  (Book Club)
    (Linda Keller)
    Wednesday afternoons (2/12- 3/4) 
    Tracing Your Irish Roots (Genealogy) 
    Sylvia Tracy-Doolos
    Thursday mornings (2/13 -3/5)
    The Irish Diaspora (Emigration)
    Dr. James Walsh
    OLLI on Campus Ireland Spring Term Courses –four week courses
    Wednesday afternoons (4/1 - 4/22)
    Irish Miners in North America
    (Dr. James Walsh)
    Wednesday afternoons (4/29 -5/20)
    Oral Tradition in Irish-American Families
    (Dr James Walsh)
    Date and times to be determined
    • 2 Book Club Courses
    • Influential Irish Throughout American History
    • Geology of Ireland (Cliffs of Moher, Giants Causeway)
    Eight Week Speaker Series – Devoted to everything Irish
    (Music, Dance, Neolithic Sites, Trinity College, Book of Kells, Travel Photography, Irish Rebellion, Celtic Symbols)
  • Sorrento - The Charm of the Amalfi Coast

  • Company: AHI International AND an OLLI Trip

    • 8 days from June 17thto the 25th, 2020
    • Double Occupancy - $3,690
    • Single Occupancy - $4,485
    • Does NOT include airfare to Naples International Airport
    • Book by 12/2/19 for Special Rates

    Brief Description:

    Indulge in Italy’s enchanting Amalfi Coast, a region that has been luring travelers, writers and romantics for centuries. Staying in captivating, cliff-side Sorrento for seven nights, we will discover the full breadth of treasures that this region has to offer.

    • From fabled villages to flower-filled alleys;
    • Thrill to visual splendors and legendary sites.
    • Travel a serpentine road along the Amalfi Coast, passing awe-inspiring natural scenery and vertiginous houses, including colorful Positano;
    • Taste exquisite cuisine in the Campania region;
    • Walk through history in ancient ruins;
    • And much more.

    ***OLLI at DU Executive Director, Barbe Ratcliffe, will be offering a course on Pompeii at OLLI East (Winter 2020 term); OLLI Boulder and OLLI Central (Spring term 2020) Pompeii is included on Day 7.

    If you were registered for OLLI at DU courses during this past academic year, and if your residence has not changed, you will receive a mailing about this trip with information on the trip, how to register, etc.  Or, go to https://ollden.ahitravel.com and click on the Journeys Tab.

  • Patagonia, Argentina

  • Company: Sirius Travel

    • Patagonia Argentina, South America | December 12 - 20, 2020
    • $6,350 Double Occupancy
    • $7,325 Single Occupancy
    • Pricing Does NOT include Airfare from Denver to Argentina.

    Brief Description:

    This trip offers once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse experience from Patagonia in Argentina on December 14th, 2020. Our adventure begins in Buenos Aires on December 12 and we will proceed from there to our exclusive nomad camp on the eclipse path which will be complete with comfortable sleeping arrangements, amenities, gourmet food, and premium wines.  Following the total solar eclipse, we will explore the Bariloche region of Argentina before traveling to the south where we will spend 4 days near Calafate exploring the rapidly changingPatagonian ice fields and glaciers.

    Facilitator: No facilitator with this tour; This is NOT an OLLI Only tour

    To learn more about this trip go to: https://siriustravel.com/solar-eclipse-tours/2020-patagonia-argentina-olli-total-solar-eclipse or call 303-872-7313

  • World Travel Summary

  • WorldView Travel Summary:

    • Any tour with one of the three companies noted below;
    • Tours cannot be during the weeks of the three OLLI at DU terms;
    • Tours are not customizable (or only mildly so);
    • Generally best organized about one year in advance.


    WorldView Travel Agencies:

    Road Scholar- https://www.roadscholar.org  - Founded in 1975 as Elderhostel

    Mission: Road Scholar inspires adults to learn, discover and travel.  Their learning adventures open minds to new ideas and deepen understanding of oneself and of the world’s peoples, places cultures, history and environments. A true university of the world, not-for-profit Road Scholar’s meaningful – often transformational – educational adventures engages people for whom learning is the journey of a lifetime.

    Collette Travel- https://travel.gocollette.com– Founded  in 1918 by John Collette

    Mission: Collette enhances people’s lives through travel; likewise, we aim philanthropically to enhance the lives of those who live in the communities where we live and where we travel. Engaged employees are the heart and soul of our program which is why each year, they give over 4,500 hours of service, primarily focused on the children in communities around the world.

    AHI International- https://ahitravel.com– Founded in 1962 by the Small family, who still owns and runs the company.

    Mission: AHI serves educated individual travelers and their families, as well as members of alumni associations, professional groups and museums. The company offers river, land and ocean journeys based on itineraries that balance the must-see with the road less traveled and include enough flexibility to accommodate individual preferences. All of AHI's programs feature a strong educational component and the goal of presenting worry-free travel experiences that foster a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and natural phenomena by putting travelers in direct touch with local people and cultures.

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