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  • 2019 Fall Catalog
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  • Fall 2019 Classes by Category

  • List Updated as of 8/17/19.

    Alive and Well!

    The Art of Origami, Jean Baden-Gillette 

    Facilitator Boot Camp, Peggy Winn/Stuart Gentry - Click for Syllabus

    The Fine Art of Cooking for 1 or 2, Sue Bramley/Anne Bennett - Click for Syllabus FULL CLASS

    Gentle Yoga, De Swiger

    The Great Game of Bridge—Common Conventions, Wilt Cooper

    The Great Game of Bridge—Standard Bidding Techniques, Wilt Cooper

    IMPROV for Life, Patti Proffitt

    Joy!, Janet Kester - Click for Syllabus 

    Knitting 101: Learn to Knit for Guys and Girls, Carol Wilson

    Travel Symposium 2019, Florence Welch/Rochelle Logan


    The Forgotten Presidents, Marjorie Clark - Click for Syllabus FULL CLASS

    Herstory: Women of the Vietnam War, Joanne Stratton - Click for Syllabus 

    A History of North American Maps from 1700-1900, Bill Gernert - Click for Syllabus 

    India: Getting to Now, Jared Ingwalson - Click for Syllabus 

    In the Footsteps of My Father: A History of the 77th Division, Tony Morgan - Click for Syllabus 

    100 Years of America’s National Parks, Larry Walling - Click for Syllabus 

    Our Towns: A Brief History of Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Sedalia, Louviers, Lone Tree, Peggy Winn/Rae Wiseman - Click for Syllabus FULL CLASS

    Literature & Writing

    American Bestsellers: What do Bestselling Books Tell us About Cultural History? Part II, Anne Christner - Click for Syllabus 

    Macbeth: Fair and Foul, Patricia Paul - Click for Syllabus 

    Obits: Fascinating Stories of Lives (Mostly) Well Lived, Bob Steele - Click for Syllabus 

    A Whale of Two Tales, Susan Peters - Click for Syllabus 

    Write Across the Finish Line: A Memoir Workshop, Connie Shoemaker - Click for Syllabus 

    Philiosophy, Religion & Culture

    America Today: What We Can Do to Make a Difference, Terry Ortlieb - Click for Syllabus 

    The Enneagram: What Were They Thinking? Why Do They Act That Way?, Sue Burdette - Click for Syllabus FULL CLASS

    The Noontime Oasis: Meditation for You, Tony Morgan

    Transforming the Five Buddhist Emotions, Gretchen Groth - Click for Syllabus 

    The Value of Women as Equal, Suzie Linenberger - Click for Syllabus 

    Political Science & Economics

    Great Decisions 2019, Chuck Laskey/Bill Gernert

    Repairing the House Divided, Gary Wyngarden - Click for Syllabus 

    TED Talks, Barb Pond/Sarah Burk - Click for Syllabus 

    Science, Math & Technology

    Artificial Intelligence, Pat Smith/Terry Ortlieb - Click for Syllabus FULL CLASS

    Introduction to Quantum Computers, Ron Knox - Click for Syllabus 

    Mac Computers: Getting Up-to-Speed with Your Mac, Paul Mauro

    Physics and Impossibilities—Part 2, Dan Pond

    What Stuff is Made of – The Nature of Matter, Stuart Gentry - Click for Syllabus 


    Award-winning Documentaries Which Captivate, Challenge, and Connect Us, Ellen Phelps/Karen Kirkpatrick - Click for Syllabus FULL CLASS

    Capturing the Faces You Love: A Photography Workshop, Karen Kirkpatrick - Click for Syllabus FULL CLASS

    Discovering Life Through the Ashes of Time…..Pompeii!, Barbe Ratcliffe - Click for Syllabus 

    Visual & Performing Arts

    American Indians Who Rocked the World Through Music and Dance, Roger Collins - Click for Syllabus , Click for Pictures 

    The History of Rock and Roll: The Stories Behind the Music, Wayne Gardner

    Hollywood 2016-2017: One Step Forward (repeat), Sally Walling/Sue Zloth - Click for Syllabus 

    More Great Movies, Bob Magnani/Arlene Pickett - Click for Syllabus , Click for Movie Posters 

    Opera for All, Jan Friedlander

    Arapahoe Community College (ACC) Courses

    Beginning Conversational German, Birgid Howell

    Beginning Digital Photography, Bob Montgomery

    Beginning Spanish, John Soister

    Beginning Tai Chi, Holly Yang

    Beginning Watercolor, Brian Brennan - Click for Supply List

    Better Photography with iPhone and iPad, Steven Sande

    Chancery Hand Calligraphy, Evette Goldstein

    Color in Painting, Marjory Wilson - Click for Supply List

    Computer Basics for Laptop and Desktop Devices, Jon Rager

    Creative Writing Workshop, Kathryn Ricks

    Daily Strategies for Living Positively: The Science of Happiness, John Ameen

    Exploring Pouring Acrylics - Workshop, Candace French - Click for Supply List

    Free to Paint!, Joy Schultz - Click for Supply List

    Introduction to American Sign Language, Jennifer Wise

    Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking, Jennifer Wise

    Get the Most from Your Android Devices Hands-on, Jon Rager

    Latin and the Romance Languages and English, John Soister

    Oil Painting, Jhenn Whalen - Click for Supply List

    Painting in Plein Air, Jhenn Whalen - Click for Supply List

    You Can Draw!, Brian Brennan - Click for Supply List

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