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  • From time to time as we are presented with opportunities of interest to participate in aging to saging related research projects, we will be passing these on to our OLLI Membership.  There will be a tab on each OLLI site with the information for each research project so if you misplace the email, just go to your site to find the information.  There is no obligation on OLLI's part for you to participate, just letting you know of interesting studies available through our DU family. 

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    Survey Participation
    Integrated Medicine Study
    Community Med School

    We are conducting a pilot study on integrative medicine for a presentation at Harvard Medical School’s Osher Institute for Integrative medicine. 

    We need some advice and would greatly appreciate your input on future directions for lifelong learning and health promotion. By participating in this survey you are supporting valuable research into “best practices” promoting healthier communities using an integrative medicine approach. 

    Any information you provide will be kept confidential. The results of this survey will be presented at the Harvard Medical School’s Osher Institute for Integrative Medicine in November. Your advice about the project will be assessed and used to refine the program. Click on the following link and please fill out this 10 question online survey.
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