• The Fall 2019 East catalog and and the class list and syllabi are posted here as of Aug. 5. We began filling classes on Aug. 17 at the conclusion of the OLLI East Open Request Period (formerly First Draw). Registrations will be accepted up to and beyond the beginning of the Fall Term on Sept. 17, subject to course availability.

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  • Fall Term 2019 Course Titles

  • History

    100 Years of National Parks, Larry Wallling  -- Syllabus

    Entering Colorful Colorado, Irwin Kirk  --  Syllabus

    With Rommel in the Desert, Mac McHugh -- Syllabus

    500 American Indian Nations: Past and Present Through Film and Discussion, Roger Collins - Syllabus

    The Great Lakes: Their History and Stories, Chris Petty - Syllabus

    U.S. Constitution, Jane Earle

    Economics and Public Affairs

    Under the Golden  Dome, Diane Rich, Nan Morehead, Christy Murphy -- Syllabus

    Ted Talks, Jim Bernuth -- Syllabus

    Income Inequality, Barbara Lilly -- Sylllabus

    News and Views: Current Events, Maria Valdes

    Criminal Justice: The Racial Divide, Peg Solomon -- Syllabus

    Literature and Writing

    All That Glitters is not Gold: Shakespeare Aloud, Eileen Wigginton

    Mysterious Places, Linda Lange -- Syllabus

    Science, Research, Technology

    FULL -- Beginning Birdwatching with Denver Audubon, Kate Hogan, Dan Wright, Diane Hutton

    The Birth and Death of Stars, Stewart Jones -- Syllabus

    What the BLEEP do we know about Theoretical Physics, Peter Gilbert -- Syllabus

    Weather Tech, Tom Corona -- Syllabus

    Be Good to Your Gut, Judie Maurelli -- Syllabus

    Introduction to Space, Eric Johnson -- Syllabus


    Introduction to Digital Culture for Ipads, offered by Senior Planet

    Social Media for iPads, offered by Senior Planet

    Visual and Performing Arts

    Matinee at the  Bijou -- The Myster Series, Mac McHugh -- Syllabus

    FULL -- Impressionism and Monet:: The Truth of Nature, Diana Huston

    '60s Movies Music, Paul Simon and  Glenn Gravlee  -- Syllabus

    Beyond Pillow Books: Japanese Woodblock Prints in the Edo Period, Jerry Mercure -- Syllabus


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