• Spring Term (Online) Registration Closes Friday, March 26

  • Registration for the Spring Term closes at noon on Friday, March 26. 

    Classes start at OLLI East on March 31.

    OLLI at DU is offering 150 online courses in the Spring Term 

    Registration on a new user-friendly system called Proclass is required to enroll in courses.

    YOU MUST SET UP A PRO-CLASS ACCOUNT in order to register for OLLI Courses. OLLI at DU has moved to a different registration program and every registrant, no matter how long you have been an OLLI member, MUST SET UP A NEW ACCOUNT.  We highly encourage you to do this prior to registration opening on Monday, August 10 (at 12:01 am).

    For instructions on where and how to register, CLICK HERE.

    To view the catalog and for instructions to register, CLICK HERE.

    Both pages have STEP-BY-STEP DIRECTIONS for setting up a PRO-CLASS ACCOUNT:



  • Sign up to stay in touch with OLLI East!


  • Senior Planet and Guest Days


  • OLLI East - Contact Information

  • 303-300-9940
    OLLI East Campus is located in the:
    Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church
    13231 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012
    OLLI's Main Office is located at:
    University College at DU
    2211 South Josephine Street
    Denver, CO 80208
    Barbe Ratcliffe, Executive Director, barbara.ratcliffe@du.edu
  • Senior Planet Presentation Lunch

  • '60s Music: The Songs and the Times

  • Ron Goodwin Leading Curriculum Committee Workshop

  • Open House

  • Open House

  • "Under the Golden Dome" Class
    "Under the Golden Dome" Class

    Open House

  • Location of OLLI East

  • Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church
    Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church

    Map to OLLI East at Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church


    OLLI members may participate in as many classes as desired at any of the five OLLI sites - East, Central, West, South and OLLI on Campus (contingent upon space availability) for $130 per term.

    Ask Manager Paul Simon about scholarship opportunities.


    OLLI has three terms per academic year: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

  • OLLI East Planning - Mark the Dates!


    Jan. 11 - Winter term begins

    March 8 - Winter Term Ends (Several classes will go beyond this)

    Feb. 22 - Spring catalog Posted & Registration/Open Request Period begins*

    March 6 - Open Request period Ends*

    March 30 - Spring Term Begins

    May 21 - Spring Term Ends

    Aug. 2 - Fall catalog Posted & Registration Open Request Period Begins*

    Aug. 16 -- Open Request Period Ends*

     * Open Request Period = All who request classes during this period are given equal opportunity to get into classes with limited enrollment.




  • Links to OLLI at DU's Campuses

  • Link to OLLI Central


    John Baumgartner, resourcesc@comcast.net

  • Link to OLLI West


    Susan Schmetzer, susanolliwest@gmail.com

  • Link to OLLI Boulder



  • Link to OLLI South Portfolio Page


    Connie Dawson ollisouth@gmail.com, 303-638-3388

  • Link to OLLI on Campus Portfolio Page


    Joanne Ihrig:  joanne.ihrig@du.edu

    Phone:  303 748 8682


  • Colorado Symphony Course -- From Romantic to Modern

  • Current Events class

  • Open House

  • "Building a Better Colorado" Brown Bag Club Event
    "Building a Better Colorado" Brown Bag Club Event

    Hot Topic Lunch with former Colorado Chief Justice Michael Bender

  • We Love Volunteers!

  • OLLI members and volunteer facilitators are the heartbeat of the institute and are the reason it will thrive while keeping the fees low.

    Volunteering is a direct way for members to have input into the decisions and direction of OLLI.

    Volunteering is a rewarding and stimulating experience, and another way to meet new people.

    If you are interested in helping out on a committee or just one time at an event, contact Paul Simon, OLLI East Manager, at paul.simon@du.edu for more information.  We need you!

  • About the Osher Foundation

  • The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at the University of Denver is a membership program designed for men and women age 50 and over, who wish to pursue lifelong learning in a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere.  There are no tests, no grades, no academic requirements - just a desire for learning and a penchant to be curious.

    Thanks to the generosity of the The Bernard Osher Foundation, OLLI at the University of Denver joins a network of 120 Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes across the United States that are meeting the needs of older learners who want to learn simply for the joy of learning and personal fulfillment.

    Read more: www.osherfoundation.org.

    OLLI needs believers like Bernard Osher. The development and delivery of quality educational programs for 50+ adults is important for sustaining quality of life and healthy minds. If you would like to help fund scholarships, programming or our research, please contact us at our office, 303-871-3090.


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