• Main Office

    Due to Covid 19 restrictions, we are working remotely.

    University College at the University of Denver

    2211 South Josephine St 

    Denver, CO 80208 


    Jacqueline Wyant, Executive Director, jacqueline.wyant@du.edu

    Dave Johnson, General Assistant, david.k.johnson@du.edu

    John Lungerhausen, Operational Assistant, john.lungerhausen@du.edu





  • Boulder

     Boulder Site Manager, Barbara Darling- Barbara.Darling@du.edu 

      Program Assistant, Nathan Bala-nathaniel.bala@du.edu


  • Central (Denver)

    Central Site Manager, John Baumgartner-John.Baumgartner@du.edu 

    rogram Assistant, Carol Lynn Tiegs-carollynn.tiegs@du.edu


  • East (Denver/Aurora)

    East Site Manager, Maria Elena Garcia-MariaElena.Garcia@du.edu 

    Program Assistant, Dave Johnson-david.k.johnson@du.edu

  • On Campus (Ruffatto Hall at DU)

    On Campus Site Manager, Maria Elena Garcia-mariaelena.garcia@du.edu

    Program Assistant, Mitra Verma-Mitra.Verma@du.edu 

  • Regis (Northwest)

    Regis Site Manager, Marie Friedemann-mfriedem@regis.edu

  • South (Denver)

    South Site Manager, Darcey VanWagner-Darcey.VanWagner@du.edu

    Program Assistant, Sherilee Selby-  sherilee.selby@du.edu


    Program Assistant, Christine Liptak-christine.liptak@du.edu


  • West (Jefferson County)

    Interim West Site Manager,  Sherry Feinbaum-Sherry.Feinbaum@du.edu 

    Program Assistant-Kim Penoyer  - Kimberly.Penoyer@du.edu


  • On-Line Classes

    During the pandemic we began  offering classes online, using Zoom. Our online format became so popular that moving forward we have decided to continue to offer a robust online program in addition to our in-person courses. Online are not recorded due to copyright and member/facilitator privacy issues.

    The catalog indicates whether a class will be offer In Person or Online. Your membership covers both.


  • In-Person Locations 

    NORTHWEST (NEW this fall)

    Regis University,  500 East 84th Avenue, Suite B-12, Thornton, Colorado  80229

    5115 Federal Boulevard, Suite 14, Denver, Colorado  80221


    First Universalist Church ( F in catalog), 4101 E Hampden Ave, Denver 80222

    Park Hill Methodist, 5209 Montview Blvd, Denver 80207

    Temple Sinai,  3509 S Glencoe St, Denver 80237


    Ruffatto Hall, 1999 EAST EVANS, DENVER, CO 80208

    Map of Katherine A. Ruffatto Hall, 1999 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80210


    Columbine United Church, 6375 S Platte Canyon Rd, Littleton 80123


    Jefferson Unitarian Church, 14350 W 32nd Ave, Golden 80401


    Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church, 13231 E Mississippi Avenue, Aurora, CO 80012


    Mountain View United Methodist Church, 355 Ponca Place, Boulder, CO 80303

    Map of 355 Ponca Pl, Boulder, CO 80303

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