• General Information - Spring 2019

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    Benjamin Franklin, an American Life, Howard Flicker - FULL

    Colorado’s Black History, Jacqui Shumway

    Crusade in Europe, Mac McHugh - FULL

    Easy Chinese Conversation, Yi Ren

    The French Revolution & Napoleon, Robert Dodge

    Great Debate:  Advocates & Opponents of the U.S. Constitution, Lattina Adams

    Harry Truman, Jim Bernuth - FULL

    How the Scots Invented the Modern World, Marjie Clark & Diane Rich - FULL

    Pilgrimages, Christine Petty

    10 Years that Shook the World: The Russian Civil War, Wayne Cassell - FULL

    Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power, David Lippman - FULL


    Literature & Writing                   

    Become a Story Teller, Pam Giordano

    Jane Eyre, Maryann O’Brien - FULL

    More Recent Short Stories, Kelly Smith - FULL

    More Science Fiction Short Stories, Larry Matten

    My Reading Life by Pat Conroy, Linda Katchen

    The Dubliners by James Joyce, Ann Cohen

    The William Shakespeare Society, Eileen Wigginton

    Two 18th Century English Novels, Bill West                        

    Two Women Writers of the West, Don & Gracie Batt - FULL


    Public Affairs                                               

    Current Events #1, Dick Reinish & Sydney Myers - FULL

    Current Events #2, Dick Reinish & Sydney Myers - FULL

    Current Events #3, Steve Spirn - FULL

    Documentaries, Dick Reinish - FULL

    Great Decisions #1, Barbara Holme - FULL

    Great Decisions #2, Steve Winber

    Great Decisions #3, Bob Reilly - FULL

    How Healthy is Our HealthCare?, Vince Markovchick

    Immigration: Law and Issues, Chris Bauer - FULL

    Supreme Court in Review, Brian Gibson

    The Criminal Justice System:  The Racial Divide, Peg Solomon - FULL


    Philosophy, Religion & Psychology           

    B’Midbar: Wandering in the Desert, Rabbi Sandra Cohen - FULL

    Philosophy of History, Mitch Stewart

    The Crucible of Faith, Stewart Jones

    The Prophets, Rabbi Ray Zwerin

    Transforming the 5 Main Buddhist Emotions, Gretchen Groth - FULL 


    Science, Medicine & Technology           

    Animals 101 & Denver Zoo Field Trip, Paula Mitchell

    Artificial Intelligence, Pat Smith & Terry Ortlieb - FULL

    Environmental Issues & Our Future, David Weisberg - FULL

    Plants: A Very Short Introduction, Larry Matten

    Plate Tectonics, Lynn Peyton - FULL

    Science in the Times, Larry Matten

    The Oxford University Series, Joe Brady

    Welcome to the Universe, Wilson Wiedenheft - FULL

    What the Bleep Do We Know  About Theoretical Physics?, Peter Gilbert - FULL


    Visual & Performing Arts                 

    A History of Rock and Roll:   Stories Behind the Music, Wayne Gardner

    Matinee at the Bijou, Mac McHugh

    More Great Movies, Bob Magnani & Arlene Pickett - FULL

    Origami for the Mind: Foundation - AM class, Mark Burger - FULL 

    Origami for the Mind: Foundation - PM class, Mark Burger - FULL

    The Blues:  Roots & Branches #1, Larry Tannenbaum

    The Music Man Who Got Away: Ricardo Chalily, Steve Weston

    Wagner’s Ring, Mo Mathews


    Special Offering                                         

    Envisioning a Transformation of Colorado’s Health Care Industry, Richard Passoth - FULL


    Extracurricular classes                  INSTRUCTOR

    Pilates Fundamentals                   Debby Levinson - FULL

    Tai Chi                                             Joe Brady

    Yoga from the Heart                     Robin Secher

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