• An OLLI at DU Membership is about courses, connections, and community.  We like to say, "come for the courses, stay for the connections!"

    Here are some of the benefits for being an OLLI at DU Member:

    • Courses (4, 6 or 8 weeks)
    • Webinars (throughout the year during our three terms, summer and fall recess)
    • Travel (Day, Domestic, International)
    • Social Events
    • Theatre & Symphony 
    • Tai chi, Yoga, and Mindfullness sessions
    • Access to DU 
    • Discounts at local restaurants, cultural organizations

    Read the testimonials below about what OLLI at DU means

    1. Being a member brings me social connections and so many choices for learning and joy!
    2. I can take a class on art or music, history, science, or current events and so much more. I appreciate hearing from those who are most passionate about their subject areas and can impart knowledge in an understandable and interesting way.
    3. Participating in a special member event, like a theatre outing or a personalized presentation at a museum or gallery, gives me more reasons to belong.
    4. So many of us enjoy getting insider access to curated trips with other interested OLLI at DU members with our national partners.
    5. At a moment’s notice, I can join in for free Webinars throughout the year on topics of current interest with experts in their fields.
    6. As we emerge from the shadow of the pandemic, I am finding social connections and meaningful conversations with others. OLLI has allowed me to make new friends, and to share its programs with my old friends as well.
    7. OLLI brings people together: I am staying connected with others who have similar interests and who want to stay active and engaged.
    8. At this stage of life, I enjoy participating in an environment I know is safe, both physically and socially.

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