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  • My Courses

  • Branding and Messaging: EVM 3417 / 4417 (sprint)

    This is an all-day grind focused on helping Undergrads in the Entrepreneurial Minor track wrap their minds around what it takes to create an amazing brand experience. Beyond logos and taglines, what are the consumer behaviors that can be leveraged? What technologies should be used? What content resonates with their target audience? We do this as a class and focus on the startup they're currently developing.

  • CES: Emerging Tech in Business: MKTG 3705/4705

    This is a graduate level class and has students traveling to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Once there, students interact with market leaders to gain insight into product innovation and emerging opportunities. The trip happens at the beginning of class and after returning, students are tasked with "unpacking" all that they witnessed and creating products/services for top-tier clients.

  • Creating Your Digital Presence: EVM 3402 / 4402 (sprint)

    This is an all-day grind focused on helping Undergrads in the Entrepreneurial Minor track develop/share their personal brands, their business identity and the identity of their team to establish relationships with their target audience.   

  • Data Science in Marketing: MKTG 3465 / 4860

    This course has graduate and undergraduate students utilizing data to identify business opportunities. Students download data from the Internet, cleanse it and then visualize it to determine where the opportunities lie. We use software such as, Tableau, Brandwatch Analytics and APIs to build contextual services. 

  • Digital Strategies: MKTG 4570

    This is the final course in the MS Marketing Degree and has graduate students utilizing the cumulative skills they've attained during the program to target individual customers. Social media & messaging application data, mobile technology, search/consumer behavior are all utilized to provide amazing contextual experiences for existing and potential customers. 

  • Health Innovation: BUS 4680

    Healthcare Innovation is an online class in the MBA@Denver program that has graduate students using emerging data-driven technologies such as AI, CRISPR and STEM to develop a market-driven startup. 

  • Integrated Marketing Communications: MKTG 4810

    IMC is an online class in the MBA@Denver program that covers the primary marketing communications methods. From data and content to social and TV commercials, we spend 10 weeks determining which elements work best, based on business model and discuss what the future of these methods could be. 

  • Marketing III: XMBA 4231

    This is an Executive MBA course focused on illuminating the digital marketing ecosystem to solve real-world business problems. Students determine what business problem should be solved and then use their subject matter expertise along with the digital marketing strategies/tactics covered to resolve their business issue.

  • Marketing Concepts: MKTG 4100

    Marketing Concepts is an online class in the MBA@Denver program and provides students with a lens through which they may view the world as a marketer, relating marketing principles to consumer and business actions. They learn to develop a marketing strategy and select the appropriate tactics to successfully implement it and deliver value to the target market.

  • Social Media Marketing: MKTG 3490 / 4815

    The social media landscape continues to evolve with Facebook and Instagram currently two of the largest advertising platforms in the world. True "online" social activity has moved to messaging apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Companies that fear transparency and authenticity face larger challenges than they have in the past given messaging apps real nature. Along with this move social is now almost 100% mobile visual (photos + video). This is entirely new challenge for late adopters. This is graduate and undergraduate class. 

  • SxSW: Marketing, Tech and Innovation: MKTG 3435 / 4865

    This class has graduate and undergraduate students attending the SxSWi Conference in Austin Texas. For six days they are neck-deep in the latest trends in marketing, technology and innovation listening to a diverse array of passionate thought leaders from around the world. It's intense and worth every second!

  • Tech in Marketing: MKTG 3495 / 4845

    This is a fun class where grads and undergrads spend time learning software such as Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, Axure, HTML, CSS and we finish up with some work using APIs. Today's marketing firms are increasingly technical. We work to get you ready!

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