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  • Frequently Asked Questions: MFJS Internships

    Am I required to do an internship for my major?

    If you are an undergrad majoring in Film Studies, Journalism Studies, or Strategic Communication, a 4-credit internship is required. If you are an EDP or Media Studies major, you are allowed to take 4 credits of internship as one of your major electives. An Internship-for-credit is NOT available as part of the MFJS MINOR.

    Graduate students must do either an internship OR a thesis OR an SRP.

    When can I do an internship-for-credit?

    You must first have completed 12 credits in your major, including the following coursework: For Journalism Studies students, "Storytelling & Reporting" and "Multimedia Journalism"; for Strategic Communication students, "Strategic Communication Planning" and "Strategic Messaging"; for Film & Video students, "Intro to Film Criticism" and "Intro to Filmmaking". Media Studies and EDP majors simply need any 12 credits in the major. After completing all requirements in their major, all MFJS or EDP majors may do an additional 4 credits of internship for general DU elective credit.For Journalism Studies students, "Newswriting & Reporting" and "Online & Visual Journalism"; for Strategic Communication students, "Strategic Planning" and "Strategic Messaging"; for Film & Video students, "Intro to Film Criticism" and "Intro to Field Production & Editing". Media Studies and EDP majors are eligible after taking any 12 credits in their major.

    After completing all requirements in their major, all MFJS or EDP undergraduate majors may do an additional 4 credits of internship for general DU elective credit.

    How do I find an internship?

    The DU Career Center has a database full of opportunities, but you are not limited to these options. You can search, LinkedIn, google and other job-search engines, and the specific websites of organizations you're interested in.

    Undergrads and MEPC master’s students can make appointments at for additional help, and IIC students can contact the Korbel Career Office at

    Who can help me with my resume?

    The Career Center has professionals who do exactly this! They know what you should include and not include, and how it should be laid out. Go here and select “Student appointments”:

    How many hours do I need to work for the credit?

    You must work 40 total hours for each credit registered, and the hours must be worked during the quarter that the credits are registered.

    Can I spread my internship out across more than one quarter?

    Yes. For students wishing to spread an internship over multiple quarters (for example, 2 credits in winter and 2 in spring), you MUST re-register each quarter that you do an internship. If you find an internship part-way through the quarter (as long as it’s before the final add/drop date), you could register 1 or 2 credits that quarter (depending on how many hours you will work).




    Can my internship be PAID and still be registered for credit?

    Yes, absolutely. We are very happy for you if you get a paid internship!

    Why isn’t it working when I try to register my internship on Pioneer Web?

    You cannot register your internship for credit by yourself. Please see the MFJS Internship Portfolio page for instructions (Scroll down to “Registering an Internship”). Don’t forget to upload your signed internship offer letter before submitting your registration form.

    Can I do an internship in the Summer?

    Yes. But be aware that if you register a summer internship for credit, you will be billed tuition for those credits, just as any summer course would be. Make sure to check with your funding sources before you register a summer internship. Other than that, summer internships can be registered for credit using the same process as during other parts of the year.

    If you want the experience of a summer internship without registering it for credit, that is fine too! You can do one on your own as a resume and experience builder.

    Are there scholarships to pay for Summer internship credits?

    There are various scholarships that undergrads can apply to. The MFJS Lance Clem Award for Undergraduate Internships covers tuition and fees for one 4-credit internship and two 2-credit internships; there is also a CAHSS-wide scholarship available. Announcements and applications for these scholarships are sent out in early April every year. Additionally, IIC students can apply for Korbel Summer Internship Funding if they travel outside of Colorado for their internship. We will email the listservs with any additional funding that we hear about, so pay attention to email.

    Can I get credit for an internship during Winter-break?

    No. Internships can only be done for credit during the four regular quarters: Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer – not during winter break.

    I’ve applied to so many internships and haven’t found one yet. I’m getting worried –what do I do?

    If you’re feeling lost in the process, definitely reach out to the DU Career Center for an appointment. You can also email the MFJS Director of Internships, Dr. Polson, at We do not place students in internships but we are happy to meet with you to provide guidance and advice.

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