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Graduate Certificates


    The Public Diplomacy Graduate Certificate is an interdisciplinary, 24-credit certificate, which examines the history, theory, methods and uses of strategic communication for the purposes of informing, influencing, and establishing dialogue with international publics and stakeholders. Recognizing the central role of mediated communication in international relations today, the certificate is designed to help students acquire a sophisticated understanding of global media and communication processes and the ways in which they are employed by individuals, groups, organizations, and governments to advance their strategic interests.  The certificate combines expertise from the Department of Media, Film, and Journalism Studies and the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, providing students with a truly interdisciplinary experience and preparing them to address contemporary international challenges in ways that make an impact. Graduates of the Public Diplomacy Certificate will be equipped with conceptual and practical skills that prepare them for careers in the fields of cultural diplomacy, nation branding, public affairs and information, foreign aid, global health and development communication, international strategic communication, and international education.

    This Graduate Certificate requires a total of 24 credits. Students must be enrolled and in good standing in one of the M.A. programs in the Department of Media, Film, and Journalism Studies or in the Josef Korbel School of International Studies.

    Students who complete the certificate’s requirements will receive this credential in addition to their master’s degree and it will appear on their University transcript.

    The Public Diplomacy Certificate admits a limited number of students per year. Interested students must complete an intake interview with one of the Certificate Directors before they are admitted into the program. Students who complete the interview process by January 31 will have priority for admission. Additional students will be admitted after that date if spaces are available. To request an interview, please complete and submit this form.

    To find out more about the application process, contact the certificate Directors:

    Dr. Nadia Kaneva
    Department of MFJS 

    Dr. Lewis Griffith
    Josef Korbel School of International Studies

    Certificate Courses:

    1. Foundational Courses (two courses – 8 credits):
      • MFJS 4065 Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding AND one of the following:
        • MFJS 4160 Media Theories OR
        • MFJS 4650 Global Media and Communication OR
        • MFJS 4080: Global and Multicultural Campaigns


    1. Applied Course (one course – 4 credits):
    • MFJS 4050: Foundations of Strategic Communication OR
    • MFJS 4060: Strategic Messaging (pre-requisite MFJS 4050 or MFJS 4080) OR
    • MFJS 4165: Global Health and Development Communication OR
    • MFJS 4912: Topics in Media and Communication (approval from Certificate Director(s) required)


    1. Context Specialization Courses (three courses – 12 credits):

    NOTE: at least two of the courses in this category must be from the Josef Korbel School, while the third course may be from either unit as indicated below.

    When choosing Context Specialization courses, students should select courses that directly focus on the society, politics, economics, or culture of particular countries or regions or challenges within a specific thematic area.  Context Specialization courses must be arranged into a logical three-course set (by region and/or topic) that matches student interests and is approved by Certificate Director(s).


    Please note that all administrative processes for the Graduate Certificate in Public Diplomacy, including graduation certification, are handled by the Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies.

  • Certificate in Public Diplomacy Coursework Plan

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