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Course Requirements: Strategic Communication

  • Strategic communication encompasses skills and concepts relevant to the fields of public relations, advertising, brand management, and marketing communications. This concentration focuses on the nonprofit sector, as well as on international and intercultural issues within strategic communication. Many courses include community-based learning projects where students partner with nonprofit organizations to develop and implement strategic communication campaigns. Internships enhance this learning experience and help students develop valuable professional contacts before graduation.

    Through coursework in communication theory, strategic planning and messaging, health communication, branding, multicultural communication, research methods, and media law, students integrate theoretical concepts, critical thinking, and practical skills that are needed for successful strategic communication careers in both nonprofit and for-profit settings.



    Required Core Courses (take all 3)


    MFJS 4160 Media Theories


    MFJS 4300 Mass Media Law


    MFJS 4560 Methods in Communication research


    Choose One:


    MFJS 4650 Global Media and Communication


    MFJS 4654 Intercultural Communication




    Concentration Courses


    Course Requirements


    MFJS 4050 Foundations of Strategic Communication


    Choose Three of the Following Courses


    MFJS 4001 Producing Video for Social Media & Advocacy


    MFJS 4060 Strategic Messaging


    MFJS 4065 Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding


    MFJS 4080 Global and Multicultural Campaigns


    MFJS 4165 Global Health and Development Communication


    MFJS 4175 Multicultural Health Communication


    MFJS 4320 Brands and Identities


    MFJS 4504 Social Media Strategies








    Internship, Thesis, or SRP (Substantial Research Paper) -- Choose One


    MFJS 4980 Internship


    MFJS 4995 Independent Research




  • General Course Policies:

    No more than 12 credit hours may be taken outside the Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies.

    Only classes with a course number of 4000 and above are considered graduate-level courses. If you are interested in taking a class with a course number lower than 4000, please talk to your advisor. Any undergraduate-level courses taken without advisor approval will not apply to your degree.

    Grinds courses may not be applied to this degree. Students are welcome to take Grinds courses as desired, but they will not count towards any of the requirements for this degree, including electives.

    Thesis Requirement Credits are variable depending on the program plan worked out between the student and the thesis advisor, but may not exceed 8 credits. SRP Credits may not exceeed 4 credits. 

    No courses may be taken at University College.

    No course substitutions are allowed for the three Required Core courses.

    No more than 10 credit hours may be transferred from another University.

    Students may take up to 4 credits of Independent Study with approval from their advisor.

    Students who wish to take courses in film and video production are required to audit MFJS 2000: Introduction to Film Criticism or may obtain instructor permission to enroll on the basis of previous coursework or experience in film and video.

    Electives are required to be pertinent to your degree.


  • Strategic Communication Coursework Plan

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