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Independent Study

  • Within the 48 credit hours required by the program, students will have the opportunity to take elective courses. A student has several options beyond the traditional quarter course offerings, including taking an independent study course. 

    Students may register for one MFJS 4991: Independent Study (4 credits maximum) with the approval of the faculty member who will oversee the study and of the student’s academic advisor. First, the student must fill out and submit the Independent Study Application (below). Then, the student needs to write a short one-to-two page proposal outlining what the Independent Study will encompass, giving a copy to both the Independent Study faculty supervisor and the MEPC Graduate Director. The Independent Study may be used as an extension of the student’s thesis work or to explore a different area or topic. A regular academic grade will be assigned to the student by the faculty supervisor after the completion of the Independent Study. All work and assignments for the Independent Study must be completed within the quarter in which the student is registered for the Independent Study. Only one Independent Study will count toward the 48 credit hours needed to complete the master’s degree in Media and Public Communication. 

    NOTE: MFJS 4991: Independent Study is different from MFJS 4995: Independent Research. The student should register for MFJS 4995: Independent Research when working on their thesis or thesis project. A student is allowed up to 8 credits of MFJS 4995: Independent Research provided that they are working on a thesis. Students who choose to complete an internship, rather than a thesis, for their capstone experience may not register for MFJS 4995: Independent Research. They may, however, complete up to 4 credits of MFJS 4991: Independent Study in compliance with the policies listed above.

  • Independent Study Application (PDF)

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