• Internships are available for credit and are required for all students not writing a thesis or substantial research paper (SRP). Only 4 (four) hours of internship credit can count toward the degree. 

    All internships are administered and supervised by the MFJS Internship Director. Following are common questions from graduate students about the internship program: 

    What kind of internship can I expect to obtain? 
    The Internship Director will, in consultation with you, indicate which internships are already available in your chosen area or will develop new internships to meet your goals. It is possible for you to develop your own internship, but this must be done in consultation with and with approval from the Internship Director. 

    How many hours will I be required to work? 
    The usual requirement for 4 credit hours of academic credit is 120 to 160 hours of work. 

    Will I be paid for the internship? 
    It depends on the internship employer. A number of internships are paid.

    How will I be graded for the internship? 
    Graduate student interns are required to submit a resume, complete an internship contract, submit a major paper and/or portfolio, and schedule an exit interview with the Internship Director at the end of the internship. Grades will be based on the evaluation of these items and on the written evaluation of the internship employer. 

    Can I take more than one internship during my graduate program? 
    Yes, but only 4 (four) internship credits will count toward the MEPC degree.

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