• Dr. Peter Organisciak, Director

    RMIS Faculty, University of Denver




    Peter's research focuses on massive-scale text analysis, information retrieval, and data issues in crowdsourcing. He currently develops computational methods for extracting meaning from text at scales too large for a person to read. Dr. Organisciak holds a PhD in Library and Information Science (UIUC) and an MA in Humanities Computing-Library and Information Studies (Alberta). Most recently, he has focused on scholarly access to millions of digitized books at the HathiTrust Research Center. His work has received paper awards from the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), and won a joint Outstanding Contribution Award from the Canadian Society for Digital Humanities.


  • Dr. Krystyna Matusiak

    RMIS Faculty, University of Denver




    Dr. Matusiak received her PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Prior to the Morgridge College of Education, she worked as academic librarian for 12 years in public services and digitization.  Dr. Matusiak also served as a digitization consultant for projects funded by the Endangered Archive Programme at the British Library and assisted digital library projects at the Press Institute of Mongolia in Ulan Baatar, Mongolia and the Al-Aqsa Mosque Library in East Jerusalem. Dr. Matusiak has strong interest in international librarianship and serves as an officer of the IFLA Library Theory and Research Standing Committee. Together with Dr. Tammaro, she coordinated an IFLA research project on the roles and responsibilities of data curators.  Her research interests include digital library development and evaluation, digitization of cultural heritage materials, digital curation, visual information, and information seeking behavior. Her book, Digital Libraries: Research and Practice, co-authored with Dr. Iris Xie was published in 2016.  She enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling.


  • Dr. Denis Dumas

    RMIS Faculty, University of Denver

    Denis Dumas is an Assistant Professor of Research Methods and Statistics at the University of Denver’s Morgridge College of Education. In general, his work focuses on understanding student learning, cognition, and creativity through the application and refinement of latent variable methods, especially multidimensional item response theory and non-linear growth models. He is the co-creator of a psychometric framework called dynamic measurement modeling—a mixed-effects paradigm for quantifying the ability of students to learn in response to particular instruction—and is widely interested in the mental attributes that contribute to students’ academic success across domains and contexts. He completed his doctoral work in Educational Psychology, and Master’s degree in Educational Measurement and Statistics, at the University of Maryland-College Park, and was a post-doctoral researcher at the American Educational Research Association. Before coming to the University of Denver, he was an Assistant Pprofessor of Educational Psychology at Howard University. His work has been previously funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute for Educational Sciences, Hewlett Foundation,  Spencer Foundation, and the National Academy of Education. 
  • Lindsay Gypin

  • RMS Doctoral Student, University of Denver




    Lindsay is an MLIS student and staff member at the University of Denver.  She has an MA in School Library Education from the University of Northern Colorado, and a BA in English Education from Colorado State University.  After a decade in school and public libraries, her passion for diversity and inclusion led her toward research data management. She is interested in researching implicit bias in recorded text through the passage of time. Her interests include roller derby, CrossFit, and cats.


  • Maggie Ryan

  • RMS Doctoral Student University of Denver




    Maggie is a second-year MLIS student at the University of Denver.  Her LIS interests include technical services, academic librarianship, and research support services. She also enjoys reading YA novels, exploring Colorado’s wilderness, and running.


  • Rita Zhang

  • MLIS Graduate, University of Denver



    Rita Zhang is a second-year graduate student in the LIS program. After several years of working experience in the knowledge management field in an IT department in China, she found her true passion in the knowledge graph, NLP and digital library area. She also loves exploring nature, museums, and the arts.


  • Matthew Durward

  • MLIS Graduate, University of Denver


    Matthew is a second-year graduate student in the LIS program, concentrating on Research and Data Management. Currently, Matthew is working for the Denver Public Library system, but is now venturing into more academic and scholarly pursuits. In his free time, Matthew likes to explore new areas of Colorado, read, and spend time with his family.


  • Dr. Benjamin McDonald Schmidt

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