Lin Jiang

  • Biographical Description

    • A native of China, Lin (Helen) Jiang is a PhD candidate in the Graduate School of Social Work. Her research interest focuses on gerontology, especially online social support among older adults. She is also interested in aging policy. Helen is the winner of 2013 Social Research, Policy, and Practices Section Outstanding Student Poster Award at 66th The Gerontological Society of American Annual Scientific Meeting. She prefers conducting interdisciplinary research by using GIS (Geographic Information System) and IFs (International Futures, a large-scale, long-term, integrated global modeling system).

      She completed her Bachelor's degree at the Fudan University in 2006, the top three universities in China. Then moving to Hong Kong for graduate studies, she got her MSW degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2008. Prior to coming to the University of Denver, Helen was a registered social worker in Hong Kong. In addition, she has extensive experience doing research and developing specialized programs for multiple patient populations.


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