• About Us


    The Accessibility Group is a group of Library & Information Science students and faculty (Morgridge College of Education) interested in improving accessibility in higher education and respective workplaces. We are committed to advocacy, awarness, education, and action that create equitable, inclusive, welcoming, and non-discriminatory environments for people with disabilities and neurodiverse people. 


    Our priorities and activities for 2021: 

    1. Developing a series of webinars on topics related to disability and neurodiversity inclusion. Take a look at our Webinar line-up
    2. Creating a peer-support group that welcomes neurodiverse people and people with disabilities without distinction by position and rank, including students, staff, and faculty
    3. Developing guildeines, tutorials, and workshops to help faculty foster a more inclusive and accessible learning environment
    4. Build partnerships on campus and in the community for raising awareness of disability and accessibility issues
    5. Idnentifying research activities that can spotlight the barriers with which students and employees with disabilities are faced in higher euducation and LIS organizations   

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