• Conference Theme

  • ¡Juntos en la Lucha!:  Latina/os Claiming Space in Graduate education

  • Conference Date and Location

  • April 29th, 2016

    Daniels College of Business (DCB)

    Marcus Commons

    DCB 110

    DCB 130

    DCB 210

    DCB 220

    DCB 230


  • Conference Mission

  • For many Latina/os across the United States, the choice to pursue graduate studies is fraught with doubt and uncertainty. Not only are these students faced with obstacles characteristic of an undergraduate education, Latina/os in the academy must also navigate an environment where they are disproportionately represented. A 2009 survey conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics reported that 6% of the Latina/o population attained Master’s degrees while a mere 3% received doctoral degrees (Nora). Specific to Mexican Americans, studies reported that only .2% of the population earned doctoral degrees (Yosso and Solórzano).These numbers persist when accounting for Latina/o faculty members as a 2004 study found that self-identified Latina/os comprised 3.38% of the professorial population (Urrieta and Chávez 222). Latina/os face a great deal of obstacles related to a lack of representation, not only in the student and faculty population, but also through Eurocentric knowledge that fails to affirm and empower their academic goals. Therefore in the spirit of alliance, amistad, and solidarity the Latina/o Graduate Association will host the 3rd annual Academic Pathways conference, a conference designed to support and assist prospective Latina/o graduate students. The conference objectives are to provide Latina/o students with resources and guidance from current Latina/o graduate students and faculty so that they can successfully apply and navigate the academy. Further, the conference will host guest speakers and will offer students a variety of panels that address a wide range of experience and disciplinary study. Participants will leave the conference with a greater understanding of the application process and will also return to their academic institutions with strategies for academic survival. Above all else, we want Latina/o students who attend the Academic Pathways conference to know that they are not alone in their pursuit to advance their education.


  • Conference Objectives

    • Build alliances with Latina/os across interdisciplinary fields
    • Connect students with resources for navigating their undergraduate to graduate educational transition.
    • Offer candid and constructive advice for negotiating the application process
    • Workshops to promote Latina/o presence in underrepresented fields
    • To offer insight into some of the obstacles specific to Latina/o students and advice for thriving in predominantly White institutions.
  • Conference Call

  • We are now accepting workshop, panel, and presentation proposals. Follow this Link

  • Conference Registration

  • Registration is now open ! Please follow this Link to register.


  • Conference Schedule

  • Conference Schedule/Programa de Conferencia

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