Latina/o Graduate Association

Latina/o Graduate Association

  • Descripcion/Description

    • As a means of social justice, the Latina/o Graduate Association [LGA] at the University of Denver recognizes the need to unite the community of Latina/o graduate and professional students and commits to:

      • Enrich the intellectual and social community for the Latina/o graduate and professional student.

      • Advocate for Latina/o graduate and professional students, faculty and other members of the University of Denver community.

      • Support University of Denver in the recruitment, retention, and successful completion of Latina/o graduate and professional students.

      • Encourage Latina/o undergraduate and K-12 students to pursue higher education.

      • Develop partnerships with interested stakeholders including but not limited to: faculty, staff, and other student and campus organizations at the University of Denver.

      • Promote awareness of professional development and research opportunities to Latina/o graduate and professional students.

      • Abide by University of Denver rules and regulations, State, and Federal Laws and follows local ordinances and regulations.


  • Constitucion/Constitution

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      September 27, 2017 @5:00PM

      RM: KRH 105

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  • El Concilio

    • Latinx Graduate Association
      Latinx Graduate Association
    • The 2017-2018 LGA Concilio

      Concilio Statement: Bienvenidos! As the new Concilio for the Latinx Graduate Association, welcome, and, for some, welcome back to the University of Denver. As a concilio we are committed to providing a space for our community to engage, connect, and thrive. As we prepare for the upcoming year we would like to extend a huge welcome and extend an invitation for you to join us. It is our hope that through your involvement with LGA you will find a sense of home on DU’s campus. Please be on the lookout for upcoming information on meetings and events.We can’t wait to meet you all,

      The LGA Concilio

      Communications & Marketing Chair: 

      Sendi Estrada

      Outreach and Access Chair:

      Michelle Garcia-Olp

      Finance Chair:

      Delma Ramos

      To apply for the following positions, please fill out the link below:

      Advising Chair:


      Logistics & Planning Chair:



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