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  • Web Site: http://www.du.edu/chemistry Telephone 303 871-7476 Fax 303 871 2254 Professor and previous chair, Dept. Chemistry and Biochemistry. Previously part of the Graduate Toxicology Program, Univ. Colorado School of Pharmacy; Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University.  My research is involved in biophysical chemistry and the studies of free radicals in living systems by in vivo EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance) and other techniques. For a more detailed research description see Page 2.  I'm involved in the American Chemical Society's National Committees on Chemistry and Public Affairs,  Local  Section Actiities Committee, Colorado Section ACS as Councilor, Previous Chair-Elect and Alternate Councilor, Denver Center Theater Company Higher Education Advisory Committee.

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  • BS  Chemistry, UCLA (1963);  PhD (1967) Stanford University under H.M. McConnell - NIH Predoctoral Fellow. Ohio State University from 1969, promoted to Associate Professor in 1975, Professor in 1982. Established Investigator, American Heart Association; Assoc. Editor The Protein Journal ; editorial board Spectroscopy, Bulletin Magnetic Resonance. Founding editor, Biological Magnetic Resonance. Silver Medal for Biology/Medicine, International EPR Society. Lifetime Achievement Award at the In Vivo EPR Spectroscopy and Imaging/International EPR Spin Trapping Conference (EPR-2005). Fellow of the American Chemical Society, 2011, Aspen Environment Forum Scholar, 2012, Editor-in-Chief, Cell Biology and Biophysics, Editor-in-Chief, The Protein Journal, Founding Editor: Biological Magnetic Resonance: A series of comtemporary revies

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  • SpinLabeling II L J Berliner 1979.pdf

    I own the copyright for Spin Labeling I and II. So far we've uploaded a scanned version on one of these.

  • SpinLabeling I pp1-307 L J Berliner 1976.pdf

  • SpinLabeling I pp308-end L J Berliner 1976.pdf

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