• Awards, Honors, Grants

  • Cottrell Scholar Award 2012


    Scialog (Molecules come to life) Fellow 2015

    Markley Fellow (Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Denver) 2020


    Recent Grants:

    NIH/NIGMS award (to model fluctuations in genetic network)


    NIH/NIGMS award (to model ensembles of Disordered Proteins)

  • Conference Fellowship

  • 1. National Academies Keck Future Initiative 2014, Collective beahvior from cells to societies, Irvine, November 2014

  • INVITED Presentations after 2009

  • This list only includes presentations that are INVITED and not solicited

    38. Tata Institute of Fundamenal Research, Mumbai, July 2021.

    37. Telluride Workshop on Polymer Physics, June 2021.

    36. Arizona State University, November 2020.

    35. American Mathematical Society, Fall Western Sectional Meeting, Riverside, November 2019.

    34. Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology, Stony Brook University, July 2019.

    33. Protein Folding Consortium (NSF Research Coordination Network), Washington University, St. Louis, June 2019.

    32. Nonequilibrum Physics in Biology, Simon Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook University, December 2018.

    31. Statistical Physics in Biology, A workshop in honor of Ken Dill, Arizona State University October 2018.

    30. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Chemical and Biological Engineering, September 2018.

    29. Deciphering complex energy landscape and kinetic network from single molecules to cells, Dijon, France September 2017.

    28. Physics and Biology of Proteins, Natal, Brazil, June 2017.

    27. ACS National meeting, San Francisco April 2017.

    26. Arizona State University, October 2016.

    25. Workshop on Single Molecule, Telluride CO July 2016.

    24. University of Massachusetts, Amherst May 2016.

    23. German Physical Society, Regensburg, Germany March 2016.

    22. Max Planck Institute for Polymer Physics, Mainz, Germany March 2016.

    21. Colorado State University, Department of Physics, February 2016.

    20. Modeling and Inference from Single Molecules to Cells, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, February 2016.

    19. University of Zurich, Department of Biochemistry, September 2015.

    18. Telluride workshop on The Complexity of Dynamics and Kinetics from Single Molecules to Cells, June 2015.

    17. Protein Folding Consortium (NSF research coordination network), Berkeley, May 2015.

    16. Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, Bioscience and Bioengineering, August 2014.

    15. Gordon Research Conference, Protein Folding Dynamics, Galveston, January 2014.

    14. APS four corners meeting, Denver, October 2013.

    13. Bose Institute, Kolkata India, July 2013.

    12. Oregon Health Science University, Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Portland June 2013.

    11. Protein Folding Consortium (NSF research coordination network), Berkeley, June 2013.

    10. Cottrell Scholar Award Presentation, Tucson July 2012

    9. Protein Folding Consortium (NSF research coordination network), Stony Brook, June 2012.

    8. Ribosome associated protein folding, CECAM Lausanne, Switzerland May 2012.

    7. University of Colorado, Denver Anschutz Campus, October 2011.

    6. Gordon Research Conference, Stochastic Physics in Biology, Ventura January 2011.

    5. Telluride workshop on Protein folding and dynamics: from experiment to theory, June 2010.

    4. Arizona State University, Arizona, Dept of Physics, March 2010.

    3. University of Arizona, Tucson, Dept of Applied Mathematics, October 2009.

    2. Gordon Research Conference, Proteins, New Hampshire, June 2009.

    1. Genentech, California, August 2009.


  • INVITED Presentations before 2009

  • 11. Academica Sinica, Taiwan, Dept of Physics, February 2008

    10. National Central University, Taiwan Dept of Physics, February 2008

    9. National University of Singapore, Singapore, Dept of Physics, Januray 2008

    8. University of Denver, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, January 2008

    7. Mt Holyoke College, Massachusetts, Dept of Physics, November 2007

    6. Bose Institute, Calcutta, India, June 2008

    5. Saint Mary’s College, California, Dept. of Mathematics, May 2007

    4. University of California, Berkeley, Dept. of Physics, April 2007

    3. University of California, Los Angeles, Dept. of Biomathematics, April 2007

    2. Purdue University, West Lafayette, Dept. of Physics, February 2007

    1. University of California, Irvine, Dept of Chemistry, February 2007

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