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  • I am a graduate student in physics at the University of Denver. I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Botany, UCSB 1981), a Bachelor of Science (Physics, DU 2008), a Master of Business Administration (UC Irvine, 1984) and a Master of Science (Physics, DU 2011).

    My graduate research focus is astrophysics. My Master's thesis was "Mass Loss History of Evolved Stars". I am currently working with spectrapolarimetry data of the enigmatic object, Epsilon Aurigae.

    I have conducted science outreach with children for over a decade. I enjoy collaborating with teachers on curriculum development and enhancement. 

    I have been an active volunteer with U.S. FIRST for several years, organizing and mentoring both First Lego League (elementary-aged) and First Robotics Competition (high school-aged) teams.

    I am President of Rocky Mountain BEST, a Colorado nonprofit, dedicated to helping youth develop technology and leadership skills through the BEST Robotics competition.  The BEST Robotics competition serves Middle and High School students and is FREE TO SCHOOLS. 

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