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    Below you will find the final projects created by students in DU Korbel School’s Global Issues Research Practicum course. Students worked together in groups throughout the quarter to answer a policy- or theory-driven research question about international politics or the global economy.

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  • Global Gorls: Women and Water

    By Sami Helgeson, Isabelle Rios, and Julia Reed

    In our podcast we discuss each group member’s independent research project and explain our key findings on to what extent water and sanitation impact women’s empowerment and gender equality. For Julia, she did a case study analysis on two UN Habitat projects in Ethiopia and Ghana that implemented toilets in their communities to empower women. Isabelle did a hybrid quantitative, qualitative textual analysis on UN Women annual reports, coding for variables such as sanitation, hygiene, climate change, and water. Sami did a quantitative analysis on World Bank and UN Development Program Data, focusing on access to sanitation and gender equity. 

    References available here: Final Group Project Works Cited.docx 

  • How do you DU? An international studies podcast

    By Christopher Kiley, Likai Zhao, and Harry Coward

    Conflict! What causes it and how much is motivated by getting that green, making that dough, the acquisition of a lot of currency?
    Harry, Likai, and Chris discuss the results of their independent research projects into the reasons for intervention by USA, China, and Russia in modern times in a glorious quest for truth and knowledge! In 8 minutes they slide into their conversation with some smooth beats from Ableton Live Hip-Hop clip, cover their findings, some bumps in the road, and compare their findings and the implications of their research when taken together.

  • Structural Adjustment Policies: The Path Veering Away from Development

    By Cora Frumpkin, Grace LaMendola, Adrian Kley

    The disease of underwhelming economic performance has both many symptoms and many causes; it can be contagious, and it can be lethal. Avoiding this ailment is paramount for countries, in order to thrive in the world marketplace. There are, however, some resources out there that states can enlist, in an attempt to vaccinate themselves against this sickness. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are perhaps the two biggest bodies that can assist struggling countries, but How do trade liberalization and structural adjustment programs affect different countries for better or for worse? As a group, we analyzed countries participating in SAP programs under the IMF and World Bank including comparing two specific countries, Mozambique and Tanzania. After our extensive research we found that the strict adjustment policies of the IMF and World Bank prevent development in low income countries and often make the current environment worse.


  • Can Civil War in Central Africa be Prevented?

    By Annabel Husak, Daniel Long, Marisa Lopez, and Nate Rawlins

    The region of Central Africa is riddled with continuous conflict resulting in untold destruction and countless lives lost. Because of this region being absent from world news and many world leaders shrugging off the conflicts, we as a research team decided to shed light on this topic. We covered four very crucial nations in the region, Chad, DRC, Central African Republic, and The Republic of Congo, and found that non-representative governments and the high volume of untapped natural resources have led to the endless bloodshed and destruction in the region.

  • Will the Nationalist Parties Please Stand Up?

    By Annika Miller, Zaynab Berety, Lidiya G Michael, and Shannon Saul

    In recent years, the world has seen a rise in the prevalence of nationalist political leaders and ideological groups. This has spurred political debates on an international level and garnered media attention. A clear theme has emerged in international politics in recent years of anti-immigrant sentiment and the electoral success of right-wing political leaders. Increased globalization plus the movement of people across borders has coincided with this mainstreaming of nationalism in different parts of the world.

    Anti-immigrant and nationalist sentiment is not a new concept by any means, but the popular nationalist groups emerging across the globe are becoming more influential and are difficult to ignore. We studied the emerging nationalist politics in several states and came to some alarming conclusions.

  • Are you Protected? An Investigation into the Relationship Between Legislative Protections and Hate Crimes

    By Elizabet Garcia, Malcolm Odell, and Sierra Tanner

    Through the research conducted a relationship was found between the legislative protections for minority groups and the resulting hate crime rates. Constitutions of respective countries were analyzed to discover the explicit protections they have for minority groups, then hate crime statistics were utilized to explore the relationship between the two. The importance of this research lies in one of the issues that was run into during the process, that of the lack of reported hate crime data. This lack of data reveals the truth about the importance countries place on hate crime deterrence and the need for better monitoring.


  • DACA News Analysis- Why press representation matters

    By Isabella Ulm

    The executive order an immigration reform, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, is a controversial issue that has taken center stage in recent American politics. President Obama used his executive powers to enact this reform after the DREAM Act of 2017 failed in congress. Since then, the act has become a controversial subject and point of negotiation between political parties. The current administration under President Donald Trump has undone the executive order but kept the idea as a bargaining piece to exchange for security measures. 
    This research report attempts to link politics and policy, and to interpret how the content of news sources reflects changing political debates. It focuses on local media sources and portrayals of illegal immigration and DACA policy. Both of these aspects are crucial to understanding the public debate surrounding immigration reform. 


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