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  • Interests

  • I am a physical geographer and geomorphologist with research interests in fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, late Quaternary environmental change, alluvial stratigraphy, floodplain pedogenesis, geoarchaeology, and human modifications of river systems. My work investigates the development and behavior of geomorphic systems over timescales ranging from decades to several millennia.

  • Teaching

  • Courses taught regularly:

    Introductory Physical Geography
    History and Philosophy of Geography

    Courses taught occasionally:

    Environmental Change
    Natural Hazards and SocietySedimentology
    The Earth Transformed by Human Action
    Geography of Europe

  • Publications

  • Janeckova, K. Bohnet, I.C. ; Svobodova, K., Černý Pixová, K.. Daniels, J.M,  Skaloš, J., Drliková, K., Azadi, H., Zamečník, R., Sklenička, P. 2022. Does increasing field size influence the visual quality of everyday agricultural landscapes?  International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 20:687.

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