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  • IA Website Resources

  • Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 3rd edition.
  • Determine the information architecture of your site
  • Complete Beginner's Guide to Information Architecture |
  • Navigation stress test
  • Journal of Information Architecture
  • Louis Rosenfeld Website
  • Information Architecture Summit Conference
  • Elements of a Brilliant Homepage Design
  • UX Websites

  • UX Booth
  • - Jakob Nielsen
  • Practical Usability Testing
  • Silverback usability software
  • Morae Usability Software
  • Usability Testing Service
  • How To Save Money And Time On User Testing
  • User Interface Engineering
  • UX Design

    Many UX articles, resources and discussions.

  • 60 minutes: How to design breakthrough inventions
  • Are your users S.T.U.P.I.D?

    It is an honest question: how smart are your users? The answer may surprise you: it doesn’t matter. They can be geniuses or morons, but if you don’t engage their intelligence, you can’t depend on their brain power.

  • User Interface Design: Web Applications vs. Web sites

  • More IA Website Resources

  • MX usability conference videos
  • Agile software development
  • Information Architecture Institute
  • Information Architecture Research
  • Information Architecture Course - WASP Interact
  • IA Case Study:
    • Describes the agile development process for the website.
    • Ilustrates how IA professional played a big role.
    • Greate case study that  outlines the challages of IA and workflow procudures.
  • Usability.Gov
  • Kick Off Questions

  • IA Process - Alex Martinez
  • 20 tips for writing for the web
  • Web usability design
    Watch video of Carlos Hooper from VUMC Strategic Marketing speaking Oct. 31 at a DigitalVU month event.

    Hooper, who holds an MFA in interactive design and teaches at the Art Institute, discusses best practices of UI design.

    The event was part of DigitalVU month at Vanderbilt, co-coordinated by Medical Center Web and Creative Services and University Web Communications with support from the Jean and Alexander Heard Library, Information Technology Services and partners across campus.
  • UX Resources

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