• Introduction

    Our Improving Campus Safety project is part of ENME 3820, Design Thinking in the Community. A course overview and information on other similar innovative projects may be found at: 



    The scope of this class combines community and engineering together to create something meaningful and lasting while highlighting the role empathy has in the design process. This course allows students to understand the  'design process', an operation which consists of five stages: discovery, interpretation, ideation, experimentation, and evolution- to work together with the DU community to achieve SOMETHING great.  

    That something, for our team, is improving public safety on the University of Denver campus. The goal of our project is to find and implement ways to improve student safety on and around the University of Denver campus. This process will consist of identifying the problems that exist within the current campus safety system. Then researching possible solutions which will improve students feeling of safety. In order to fufill the human centered design aspect of the project, the stakeholders and end users for our project will be contacted throughout our design process and their feedback will be encorporated into the best possible solution. 

    Image taken from: https://www.du.edu/campussafety/



  • Meet The Team

  • Markus Hurd

    I am a senior Mechanical Engineering student here at the University of Denver. I grew up in Potomac, Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C. The reason I came to Denver is for the great weather, skiing, and climbing. What I love about DU is the smaller student body which makes me feel closer to my fellow peers. My goal is to utilize community based safety methods to improve student’s experience on campus.



    Kyle Fisher

    Hi! I am a senior mechanical engineer here at the University of Denver. Feeling safe while on campus is every student’s right, and the belief that we can create something that takes a step towards helping people feel safer in the DU community has motivated me to be apart of this group. I think that the campus itself is rather safe, and campus safety does a great job at keeping it safe, but even still there are areas that we hope to improve with this project!


  • Tim O'Meara

    My name is Tim O'Meara and I am a senior in mechanical engineering at the University of Denver. I wanted to pick a project that would be able to make a legitimate difference. This lead me to the project of developing an app for students to improve campus safety in many different ways.






    Michael Urruita

    I am a senior in mechanical engineering at the University of Denver. I feel that it is essential to any learning environment that everyone present feels safe. In the case of a college campus, this is even more important because for many this university is also our home for at least two years and likley much longer as we continue to live nearby. For this reason, I decided to make safety on and around campus my focus for this project.

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