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  • Summary of Graduation Process

  • ALL of the following MUST be completed in order to graduate. It is a student’s responsibility to ensure that they have met all the requirements for graduation by the necessary deadlines. The following steps are in the order in which they should be completed. 



    Before a student applies for graduation they must have their final coursework plan approved and signed by both the IIC Director or an IIC advisor and the IIC Faculty Liaison at Korbel. Once this has been completed, students must submit the final coursework plan with all the signatures to the IIC /MFJS Communications Manager. 



    In order to be advanced to candidacy students must show (in their final coursework plan) that they have or will have completed ALL of the IIC tool requirements before they wish to graduate. The three tool requirements are:

    • Proof of Proficiency in a Foreign Language (two quarters prior to graduation)
    • Research Methods course
    • Internship, Thesis, or SRP 



    Once the approved final coursework plan has been submitted to the IIC /MFJS Communications Manager, students will be advanced to candidacy. Students will be notified of their advancement to candidacy once the paperwork is complete (about 2-3 weeks later). Students may also apply for graduation at that time. The final coursework plan must be submitted at the beginning of the quarter before the quarter in which they wish to graduate (students intending to graduate at the end of spring quarter must submit in January, at the beginning of winter quarter).



    Once a student has been advanced to candidacy, they can apply for graduation. THE APPLICATION MUST BE SUBMITTED TO GRADUATE STUDIES AT LEAST ONE QUARTER BEFORE THE INTENDED DATE OF GRADUATION. Failure to meet the deadline will result in a delay of graduation until the following quarter. Step-by-step instructions are available online. If a student applies for graduation and then chooses to defer until another quarter they must inform the Office of Graduate Studies and file a new application.

    Students may graduate in any quarter, although commencement ceremonies are held in June (end of spring) and August (end of summer) only. Students who graduate during other quarters may arrange to participate in a later ceremony by visiting the Registrar’s website and clicking on the “Graduate Request to Participate in Ceremony” link at the bottom of the page.

    Instructions concerning commencement ceremonies in June and August and the obtaining of caps, gowns and hoods are available on the Office of the Registrar’s website.  In the quarter before they plan to graduate, IIC Peace Corps Fellows students may request a special US Peace Corps sash, available from the MFJS/IIC Communications Manager.

    The student must assume full responsibility for meeting the basic requirements and deadlines set forth in the graduate studies bulletin, as well as the specific requirements as outlined by the specific program.

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