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    • Academic Year Calendars
    • Admission Status
    • Student Mentors for New Students
    • Transfer of Credit
    • Advising & Program Statement
    • IIC Coursework Plan
    • IIC Peace Corps Fellows Coursework Plan
    • Registration
    • Orientation
  • Academic Year Calendars

  • 2021-22calendar.pdf

  • 2022-23calendar.pdf

  • Admission Status

  • Some students are admitted to our master’s program with regular status and they are permitted to begin their studies without any provisions. Other students are admitted with provisional status. Provisional status is assigned when applicants have not been able to submit certain required documents, such as a final transcript with proof of a bachelor’s degree. As soon as these students submit the documents to the Office of Graduate Studies, provisional status will be changed to regular status. Materials may be submitted no later than the sixth week of the first quarter of enrollment, or else the student will have a hold placed on their registration. 

  • Student Mentors for New Students

  • New students are assigned a student mentor from the pool of continuing IIC students. Mentors can help new students become familiar with the IIC program, campus life, and the greater Denver area (if students are new to the area). Mentor assignments are confirmed during the IIC Orientation and mutual contact information will be provided.

  • Transfer of Credit

  • When students begin their MA program, they can petition to transfer credits from another institution. The grade for any possible transfer courses must be ‘B’ or higher. Any transfer courses must have been at the graduate level and directly related to IIC, and they should not have been counted toward any other completed degree.  A petition must be filed with the IIC/MFJS Communications Manager within the first quarter of enrollment, which includes a memo to the IIC Director, and an unofficial copy of the student’s transcript that lists the course credits and final grade.  Once it is approved, the transfer will be submitted for addition to the student’s record.

    Students must check with the Registrar’s Office soon after completion of the petition to be sure that accepted credits have been added to their record. The maximum number of credits that may be transferred into the IIC program is 20. If credits were earned as semester credits, the original credit number is multiplied by 1.5 to determine the equivalent number of quarter credits (for example, a 3-credit semester course will transfer in as 4.5 credits). Courses taken for Pass/Fail or S/U may not be transferred. Students should check the University of Denver Graduate Policy Manual for specific University requirements on transfer of credit.

    Students who plan to participate in for-credit exchange programs offered by institutions/organizations outside DU should consult, beforehand, with the IIC Director regarding transfer of credit toward the MA degree.

  • Advising

  • When students are admitted to the IIC program, they will be assigned a general faculty advisor in Media, Film & Journalism Studies for curriculum questions, developing a program plan, and other general questions. For specific questions about coursework in Korbel (INTS), students may contact Professor Tamra Pearson d'Estrée (the IIC Faculty Liaison in Korbel) at: Tamra.dEstree@du.edu.

    Students who plan to write a Thesis or a Substantial Research Paper (SRP) should start planning their project in spring quarter of their first year and select a thesis advisor with expertise related to their thesis topic at the same time (see “Thesis” section). They should notify the IIC director of their choice of thesis advisor.

    Program Statement

    Students should meet with their IIC advisor during their first quarter of enrollment to create a program plan. By the end of their second quarter, students should submit a draft of their Program Statement. If any changes are made, a copy of the revised program statement must be submitted to the student’s advisor, the IIC Director (if different from advisor), and the IIC/MFJS Communications Specialist (for their file). Students may change their plans as necessary in consultation with their advisor. Also, students are encouraged to check with their advisor every quarter before registering if there are any changes in their program, or to address any other questions or concerns.

    A final version of the Program Statement is required in order to apply for advancement to candidacy and graduation. The Program Statement must be signed by the IIC Director and the IIC Faculty Liaison at the Korbel School, Prof. Tamra Pearson d'Estrée. It should then be submitted to the IIC Communications Manager at the end of the first week of the quarter BEFORE the student wishes to graduate (e.g. the first week of winter quarter for students who hope to graduate at the end of spring quarter). The IIC Communications Manager will use the student’s Program Statement to submit an advancement to candidacy form and graduation checklist to the Office of Graduate Studies.

  • IIC Coursework Plan.pdf

  • IIC Peace Corps Fellows Coursework Plan.pdf

  • Registration

  • Students registering for the first time will receive their registration instructions from the Office of Graduate Studies one to two months before classes start.  Registration for new students for Fall Quarter takes place in the summer (July 1st), so they will need to consult with their faculty advisor before that time (via email or in person).  A letter will be sent out to all new IIC students in late May that identifies each student’s advisor and contact information.

    Students must keep the Office of Graduate Studies and the IIC Communications Manager updated on current emails, phone numbers, and mailing addresses. Contact information may be edited on PioneerWeb. Please also email and changes to the IIC Communications Manager at iic@du.edu.

    In all subsequent quarters, registration instructions will be available online at
    http://www.du.edu/registrar/registration/howtoregister.html. Every Fall Quarter, students should meet with their faculty advisor and draw up a course plan. All registration is done online and is easily accessible through

    NOTE: Be sure to consult the registration and billing calendar on the Registrar’s website at http://www.du.edu/registrar/calendar/index.html to avoid late registration fees. Students may drop and add courses during the first week of classes with no penalty.

  • PRINT: Registration.pdf

  • Orientation

  • Each Fall Quarter the IIC Program presents an orientation for new students. All incoming students are required to attend. The orientation is usually held on the last Friday morning before classes start at DU. In addition to receiving information about the IIC Program, students have the opportunity to get to know each other and meet faculty and staff members. The IIC Communications Manager will send “save the date” information well ahead of the event.

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