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Dual and Flexible Dual Degree Programs

  • The IIC program is a joint master’s degree, meaning that students earn one degree with coursework from two areas, including communication and international studies. However, the University of Denver offers unique opportunities for graduate students to earn two master level degrees simultaneously (IIC plus one other). Prospective students can explore either the formal dual degree or the flexible dual degree.

  • Formal Dual Degree

    The student must apply, submit the application fee, receive admission to each program separately and turn in the approval form within the first term of attendance, in order to complete a dual degree.

    Formal dual degrees are available in several of the graduate divisions, and the curriculum is already established. Please contact the college, school or department for details on available degrees.

  • Flexible Dual Degree

    Students may propose any flexible dual degree that makes sense for their academic and career pursuit. The program can link any two master’s degrees or a master’s degree and a juris doctor degree. Read more information about dual degrees in the Graduate Student Bulletin.

    The flexible dual degree program allows for a reduction in hours due to cross counting of courses in electives. A program proposal must preserve the core courses in each program. The reduction of hours in each program is based on the total hours of each degree program.

    Typically, students seeking a flexible dual degree are already enrolled in one program when they decide to apply for the second, although they may apply to both simultaneously. Students who stagger their application and enrollment must submit their Flex Dual Degree proposals by no later than the end of the 4th quarter (3rd semester) in their FIRST academic program (including summer). Students who are accepted into two programs at the same time should complete their Flex Dual Degree proposal when they begin the programs. 

    Late proposals will not be accepted. For more information about flexible dual degrees, please see the flexible dual degree instructions on the Office of Graduate Studies website. 

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