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Foreign Language Proficiency Tool Requirement

  • By the time a student graduates with the MA degree, they must prove proficiency equivalent to approximately two years of college-level course work in a language other than English, or their native language. Students should submit a memo with written evi­dence of proficiency to the IIC Director no later than the beginning of the quarter before gradua­tion. International students who are proficient in English, as well as their primary language are ex­empt from this requirement.  Students are encouraged to complete this tool requirement as soon as possible in their IIC Program.

  • Ways to prove proficiency include:

    1. Course work beyond the two-year level (earned “B” or better) within the past three years of ini­tial enrollment in the IIC program; (Note: **The school must offer the course according to for­mal levels or years: for example, when the stu­dent finishes a course, the student will be at or beyond the two-year level. If the course work was performed at a non-accredited institution (so the courses are not offered by levels), the student must take the proficiency test. Most uni­versity courses are offered according to year or level, where as many short-term intensive “sub­mersion” programs or classes are not).
    2. Worked or lived in another culture requiring proficiency at or beyond the two-year level for six months or more within the past three years (including international students whose first language is not English); primary language used by the student in the other culture was not Eng­lish.
    3. Taking a foreign language course (see (1) above on type of course) for which completion (and earning a "B" or better) brings the student up to the two-year proficiency level within three years of enrolling in the IIC program or during the program. The classes will not count toward the degree.
    4. Taking a foreign language course beyond the two-year level and earning a “B” or better. Stu­dents may take 3000-level courses to bring them beyond the two-year proficiency requirement; however the classes will not count as credits to­ward their degree.
    5. Taking and passing the graduate foreign lan­guage proficiency exam through the Center for World Languages and Cultures (CWLC). Students must take the language proficiency exam AT LEAST two quarters prior to their anticipated graduation date. Please take the exam as early in the program as possible! Students should contact the Center at or 303.871.4601, to register for the exam, for a fee of $50 (cash or a check only). Early registration is appreciated!

    The CWLC offers three testing dates during the fall, winter and spring quarters. Please note that no tests are offered during academic breaks or during summer. Please check for testing dates on the CWLC website. Registration for fall dates will open late August.  The CWLC also offers advising, classes and tutors for specific languages.

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