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  • International & Intercultural Communication

  • Welcome to the IIC Program! We are very pleased to welcome you for the 2022-2023 academic year to this unique interdisciplinary program that combines coursework in international & intercultural communication with international studies.

    This is a student-based program that has evolved throughout the years in collaboration with faculty, staff, students, and administrators, as well as a great many internationally-focused organizations that have served as internship sites. We offer small courses and close connections with faculty through advising and in your classes, and also with other IIC students through our mentor program.

    This handbook is designed to provide information about IIC policies and procedures, class schedules, and contact information, but is best used in collaboration with your advisor and the IIC director. Please read it carefully and also check it throughout your program because you will need to create and update a program statement or course plan and likewise toward the end of the program, follow specific procedures for graduation.

    Good luck and we’re excited for the year ahead with a great group of new and continuing IIC students!



    Renée Botta, Ph.D.
    Director, International & Intercultural Communication Program

  • Handbook Index

  • New Students

    • Academic Year Calendars
    • Admission Status
    • Student Mentors for New Students
    • Transfer of Credit
    • Advising & Program Statement
    • IIC Program Planning Sheet (PDF)
    • IIC Program Planning Sheet - Peace Corps Fellows (PDF)
    • Registration
    • Orientation

    Financial Aid 

    • Student Responsibility
    • Federal Financial Aid Requirements
    • Domestic Financial Aid Requirements
    • Departmental Scholarship Awards
    • Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellowship Aid
    • Other Financial Aid Resources

    Program Requirements

    • Course Requirements
    • Specializations
    • Foreign Language Proficiency Tool Requirement
    • Program Statements
    • Internships
    • Study Abroad
    • Thesis or SRP (Substantial Research Paper)
    • Independent Study
    • Satisfactory Student Progress
    • Incomplete Grades
    • Dual and Flexible Dual Degree Programs
    • IIC Planning Sheet Program Statement (PDF)
    • IIC Planning Sheet Program Statemnet - Peace Corps (PDF)

    Graduation Requirements

    • Summary of Graduation Process

    Student Resources

    • Important Contact Information
    • IIC Program Planning Sheets
    • Academic Year Calendars
    • IIC Council
    • Anderson Academic Commons & University Libraries
    • Quick Copy & Bookstore
    • Graduate Student Government
    • Graduate Students of the Four Faculties

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