Portfolio Help

Getting Started

Welcome to the DU Portfolio. To get started, you simply need to start adding content by clicking the 'Add Item' button that appears in your portfolio header. You will then be prompted to select the type of content you want to add (files, text, photo album, etc).

Your portfolio is a collection of pages which contain categories that hold items (file, text, events, photo albums, and folders). Everytime you add an item, you will be prompted to select a category to place that item in. You can name pages and categories whatever you choose. Pages and categories are a helpful way for you to organize your content in a way that is meaningful to your audience.

Editing, Moving, and Deleting

Once you have added pages, categories or items to your portfolio, you can edit, move or delete this content.

  • You can edit by clicking on the pencil that appears next to the content.
  • You can move by dragging and dropping pages, categories, or items to the desired location. You can even drag items and categories to other pages.
  • You can delete by dragging and dropping content to the trash that appears on the bottom corner of the screen.

Edit is triggered when hovering over an item. Move can be acted upon through click and drag once the cursor changed to indicate a move is possible when hovering.

Banner and Profile Photos

You can add a banner or profile photo by selecting the appropriate button in your header.

For banners, you have a couple of options:

  • You can upload your own image and crop the image to your liking
  • You can select an image from our library


To perform any advance options, you can click the 'Settings' button in your header.

Some of the Settings functions include:

  • Change the name, url, or tagline of your portfolio
  • Add links to your social networking sites
  • Delete your portfolio

If you are managing a community, Settings functions also include:

  • Member management
  • Open/Close Portfolio
  • Copy portfolio


Please contact the OTL Help Desk with questions about DU Portfolio at 303-871-2084 or by email at otl@du.edu. For inquiries about specific pages or communities within DU Portfolio, you will need to contact the individual(s) responsible for maintaining those resources.

Formatting Text

You can easily format your text items with our WYSIWYG text editor.

Note that pasting content from document creation software will strip out most of the formatting supplied by those applications. This will allow the user to apply the specific formatting options exposed by the system.

You can also embed external resource by pasting generated iframe code through the "Source code" option. This option does expose the raw HTML though - so please be careful.

Note that there is no need to format any of the text. In fact - there is always an element of risk when dealing with HTML which could, in some circumstances, corrupt certain items.