• Prototype #1

    Schools will partner with a grocery store (Walmart Neighborhood Market) for produce and ingredient donations; these products would be utilized in student’s classes. Then, classroom teachers will integrate nutrition education in the science curriculum, by introducing new healthy items to students. The students will get the opportunity to try the food. Following this taste test, the teachers will then educate the students regarding the nutritional value of the food. The students will be given a healthy recipe to take home and make with their parents.

  • Prototype #2

    Partner with C.H.O.I.C.E.S.  to expand their efforts to reduce child obesity, especially within low-income groups by educating them on nutrition.  The non-profit is unrelated to schools and acts as more of an afterschool program which allows the teaching to be delivered from a more qualified standpoint, with the sole intention and purpose of educating kids on nutrition as well as relaying those skills over to the kitchen and giving the kids a platform to learn and expand their cooking skills with.

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