Glenn Capodagli

  • Biographical Description

    • Originally from Chicago, I moved to Denver when I was accepted into the Biophysics program here at DU. I received my undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Chicago. While at UIC I worked in a Biochemistry Research lab run by Dr. Andrew Mesecar where I worked under Drs. Aimee Eggler and Scott Pegan. My experiences there focused on protein modification and high throughput screening.

      After college, I did a short stint in industry for Universal Oil Products, a petroleum company, studying various chemical and physical properties of crude oil products. While working I decided to further my educational development and applied to graduate school. I am currently working under Dr. Scott Pegan assessing the structural and kinetic properties of Ubiquitin modifications to proteins during viral infection.

  • Publications

  • Research

    • Current research efforts are guided towards understanding the mammalian innate immune response through structural and kinetic analysis of post-translational modifications. The primary objective is to obtain structural information from x-ray crystal structures and to correlate it to specific protein-ligand interactions in an effort to find viable leads for possible therapeutics.

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