• Syllabus


    • Session #1 – Introduction to who else is in class and why you wanted to take this course. Polling and discussion. Share the overall idea and get input and examples from class participants. Discuss the impact on the pandemic and how “reverse proximity” or social distancing has taken a toll. How can we correct that dynamic in our lives?


    • Session #2 –In a sociological context, we will examine how the forced lack of proximity has impacted certain groups of people based on race, beliefs, sexuality or other differences. We will address the systemic ways that separation has impacted success and look for strategies to close gaps and use the power of proximity. Small group discussion will allow more time for idea sharing.


    • Session #3 – So many familial and friend relationships have been strained by forced separation. What has been the impact--positive and negative--of taking a break from our routines. How can we create new routines that choose proximity yet maintain our sense of self?


    • Session #4 – Look back at your work, political, community or volunteer life. Look ahead. Consider those around you. How can we work together to chart a path for a more successful future by embracing the power of proximity? We will work on individual action plans that will bring concrete ideas and steps for emerging from the pandemic in the best possible way.

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