• Floral Inspirations Material List


    This is the suggested material list for our workshop on Floral Inspiration. Please note: we can make most anything work as long as you have decent paper and some watercolors (and a brush). I am not picky about specific colors or brands; our work will be loose and fun, and you will be encouraged to explore the materials you have on hand rather than spend a fortune on items you may only use once.
    If you decide to purchase a few items, I have links to both Dick Blick Art Supply and Amazon on my home page for your convenience. If you use these links, I will earn a small commission while your price will stay the same. I appreciate your support! https://www.jcmamet.net/

    It is important that you work on either watercolor paper (I prefer cold press, 90 lb or heavier), or mixed media paper. I like the Canson XL Mixed Media or any watercolor paper you have on hand; sheets should be approximately 9x12 and we will go thru about 4-6 pages depending on how big  you like to work. Working in a journal with good paper is also fine, although we will be cutting out some of the work.

    There is a huge variety of watercolors. The price reflects the quality, so I encourage you to start with a mid range set of colors if you are just beginning (sets running $25-$30 for 8-14 colors). Some brands to consider: Sakura, Arteza, Winsor Newton. If you are an experienced watercolorist (or a serial student) you may already have tubes of paint. For this class you may want to pull out the tubes and have a small palette or plate ready to go. I will attach the colors I have in my custom palette for your info – but please don’t feel that you need to run out and buy lots of new tubes!! You will have fun with the basic colors (primary & secondary) and can mix to make some magic.

    I primarily work with water chamber brushes because I like the convenience of being able to add water and for the times I paint while traveling. However, if you already have a few smaller, good watercolor brushes you can easily use those. I like the waterchamber brushes by Arteza or Sakura Koi (medium tips).

    Any fine tip, permanent black pen will work. I reach for Micron #005 or 01 first, or Master’s Touch #0.5  Some folks like the fine tip Sharpies but I am not crazy about them; they will lose their vibrant color after a few years. You will want to have a few pens for the class.

    Other pens:
    I love working with white gel pens; the only one to purchase is the Uniball Signo White Gel (buy two in case one is dry which happens on occasion). I also love playing with the Posca acrylic pens (fine tip) or a set I found in a big box craft store “Acrylic Paint Markers” (studio series). It will be fun to have a few Tombow pens on hand. These are dual tip waterbase markers that will bleed when wet and offer lovely colors. You can purchase them in a small set of just get a few colors that you like.

    Other Items to have on hand:
    Paper towels
    Spray bottle with clean water
    Cup for water if you are using traditional brushes instead of water chamber brush
    Hair dryer for speed drying if needed

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