• Recommended Reading and Syllabus


    Recommended Book
    Embrace Aging by Jeannette Guerrasio, MD

    Session #1 – Keep Your Skeleton Alive: In this session we will cover, how aging affects your bones and joints. This very interactive lecture with time for discussion will illustrate why people are more liking to fall as they age and how to prevent falls and injuries, such as broken bones. It will also include information and a discussion on potentially debilitating osteoarthritis and how to prevent and manage osteoarthritis pain and stiffness.

    Session #2 – The Organs Play a New Song: In session 2, we will explore how aging affects your internal organs to cause common problems related to aging such as dehydration, dizziness, vertigo, shortness of breath, decreased exercise tolerance, swollen ankles, etc. Participate will be welcome to invite age related concerns. After understanding, we can examine prevention, treatment options, and future possibilities.

    Session #3 – Problem with the Pipes: This session is placed third, so that the group has time to become more comfortable with me, my relaxed interactive style and each other. We will discuss challenges that men and women encounter with their bladders and hormones as they age. We will talk about recurrent urinary tract infections, increased urinary frequency especially at night, urinary incontinence, decreasing kidney function, declining hormone levels and sexual dysfunction.

    Session #4 – The Mind: The final session will be dedicated to the mind. Many people fear cognitive decline, so we will certainly talk about the different types of dementia. We will also explore mild brain changes and emotional challenges, which are often worsened by isolation and loss. We will talk about treatment and prevention of cognitive and emotional function, including strategies to preserve mental health and resiliency.

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