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  • Recommended Reading and Syllabus

    Recommended Book: Embrace Aging by Jeannette Guerrasio, MD


    Session #1 Nutrition and Exercise:  Based on feedback from Understanding and Anticipating the Aging Process Part I, this session we will cover how aging affects your ability to absorb nutrients from your food and your environment. We will also talk about the pros and cons of vitamins and supplements to your diet. We will discuss how different types of exercise benefit the body and how to choose what is best for you, and how to understand and manage back pain.

    Session #2 One Step Ahead: This session is dedicated to prevention and will cover how to make the most of retirement, finding resilience and learning to adapt, protect each other from elder abuse, and make your home a safer place. Prevention includes making sure that your voice is heard. We will also discuss advance directives and how doctors read them, rather than how lawyers write them.

    Session #3 The Little Things: Sometimes it is the little things that really make one feel so much better. How do we keep the skin feeling great? Your smile bright? Your bowels moving? The kidneys working? Your vision clear? Your gait limber? Let’s keep the gout gone and the acid reflux at bay. Let’s cover it all!

    Session #4 Participant chosen topics! Last time we ran this course, the class requested information on thyroid disease, stroke prevention, newer developments in heart disease and cancer detection, bladder prolapse challenges and varicose veins. But this can be adapted based on this class' requests.

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