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  • Recommended Readings and Syllabus

    Recommended Readings

    The Spirit of the Bauhaus, Gabet and Anne Monier, Editors (Thames and Hudson, Ltd, 2018)
    Bauhaus 1919-1933, Reform and Avantgarde, Magdalena Droste (TASCHAEN, 2007)
    Readings referenced below in the syllabus will be provided by your instructor if they are not links.


    Session 1: January 11, 2023:

                Exploration of the cultural, historical, and political setting into which Bauhaus came; The Weimar Republic; the atmosphere of Weimar as the first                 seat of the school; the concept of the Bauhütte; Walter Gropius, Johannes Itten and Mazdaism.


                 Klaus Lankheit, "Content and Effect", pages 35-48, from The Prefaceto the 1965 German Edition of The Blaue Reiter Almanac, edited by Wassily                  Kandinsky and Franz Marc, (originally) 1911.

    Session 2: January 18, 2023

                   Structure and teaching methods of the school; Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, and Lyonel Feininger,   as artists and their teaching methods; the                       preliminary course under Josef Albers;  Daily life, parties and celebrations at Bauhaus; buildings designed and built by the school in Weimar:
                   Das Sommerfeld Haus, die Bauhaus-Siedlung and Das Haus am Horn for the Bauhaus Exhibition 1923.



    Session 3: January 25, 2023

                  The workshops, their masters, and products:  ceramics, cabinet-making, metal workshop, textiles/weaving, wood carving and stone sculpture,                       stained-glass, mural painting, wallpaper, photography, theater, and printing, bookbinding, typography and advertising.

                 Bauhaus-Mädels, Die Neue Frau (The New  Woman) and discrimination at the school.


    Session 4: February 1, 2023

                This class was originally planned as a field trip to Aspen to visit the Aspen Institute, be given a docent tour there and do a walking tour of Herbert                 Bayer's house, and buildings he designed there. 

                Due to the corona virus, this was not possible in the past. It is always a long drive to Aspen to do this. I will therefore teach about the Aspen                            Institute for Humanistic Studies in Class 4, but I will try to set up a separate tour of the Institute sometime after this for those interested and/or I                     encourage everyone to visit it on their own and walk the grounds themselves.

                Move to Dessau, the Bauhaus Building in Dessau and other buildings designed and built by the school in Dessau: The Dessau-Törten Housing                       Estate, and Siemenstadt; the Bauhaus Book Series, Hannes Meyer, second director; Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, third director.

                After 1933: emigration of masters to the U.S. and their influence and buildings here: Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and the                   New Bauhaus and School of Design in Chicago, Mies van der Rohe, Josef and Anni Albers, Black Mountain College, Herbert Bayer, the Aspen                         Institute for Humanistic Studies.

                 Legacy of Bauhaus, exhibition at the Aspen Institute on 100 Years Bauhaus.



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