• Attending an On-Campus Class? Here's What You Need to Know


    The University of Denver has adopted protocols to comply with applicable state and local public health orders and to be consistent with applicable federal and state guidance. The Provost’s Office may issue updated protocols, which become effective upon adoption, to respond to changes in state and local public health orders, to be consistent with new federal and state guidance, and/or to adapt to changing conditions on campus. Please watch for updates to these protocols and regularly check the DU COVID-19 website for news and other important information.

    Campus Access Procedures

    • Campus buildings are still locked. You will be greeted outside your classroom building by an Enrichment Program representative at a designated entrance. Enrolled students will receive an email prior to class with the location.
    • If you are going to be more than 30 minutes late to class, please contact the Enrichment Program at least one business day prior, so arrangements can be made. If you exit the building during class, you will not be able to return.
    • Fully vaccinated individuals, who have had a booster shot are no longer required to wear a mask on campus.
    • Adults who are not fully vaccinated must continue to wear high quality face coverings. A KN95 or N95 mask is preferred. If a KN95 or N95 mask is not available, a surgical mask that is three-ply or better is acceptable.
    • Full COVID-19 vaccination and booster is highly recommended for all campus visitors.
    • Protocols are subject to change.

This portfolio last updated: 28-Jun-2022 12:26 PM