• " I honestly can't think of any issues that I have going about my day to day life. I've been blind for forty years..." - CCB Instructor









    Too often in the design process, we get caught up trying to change a world that doesn’t need to be fixed. We over-engineer solutions, we fixate on the smallest of problems, and we practically put a motor anywhere it will fit. We make assumptions and claims from perspectives that we simply cannot understand. But still, we push forward…trying to change the world.






    Rather than what products does the visually impaired community need...

    What products do the visually impaired community want?



    Our Design Challenge: Blind assistive technology is not a new field of design interest. However, most commonly, engineers and entrepreneurs produce products that serve one or several everyday tasks. These tasks may range from identifying a color or domination of currency but rarely are used more than one maybe two times a day. While this may seem wonderful to the average consumer, imagine carrying around a large number of small handheld gadgets with you everywhere, just to go about your life. Most of us can't even seem to remember our phone cellphone and wallet. 

    The visually impaired community not only is not interested in the nuisance of individualized gadgets, they frankly do not need them.  However, like all humans, the visually impaired community also wants to have control over things like physical appearance, and customizable accessories such as phone cases.  Products need not be designed to specifically target the visually impaired but should instead be designed to be inclusive of all potential users. 




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