About the PRC

  • The Pioneer Resource Center is a space for students and faculty to use for their academic needs. The PRC houses the lend library and students may take books on a lend system and return them at their convenience. The PRC contains 14 windows computers and 4 Mac computers that are maintained by the PRC staff and are available for in lab use by students and faculty. All the lab computers are connected to the PRC printer.

    The PRC also has a program to sign out laptops for use during class, however these laptops must be returned to the PRC after class and cannot be taken overnight. Faculty can request to have a laptop for class use also. The PRC has Mac and Windows laptops. There is a color printer available which does require students to have their student ID to print. The PRC has a print card and students may ask to use this card, but this should only be for emergencies. The lab is open to all students during all class hours and even after. If the building is open, the PRC is available for use and students may stay after hours to finish work in the PRC. Some campus safety staff  have come in at night and request that students leave the PRC. The Women’s College, though, has come to an agreement with the campus safety that students may stay in the PRC after hours. If this ever is an issue for students or faculty, please make sure to contact a PRC staff member so the issue can be resolved.

    Each student and faculty member will be given the code for the PRC door. The code is needed to enter the PRC. If you are a student and do not have the code, please ask your Academic Adviser for the code.  The PRC is a place for students and faculty to come and have a stress free environment to work in. The staff is here to answer any questions that may come up and will keep all lab machines and supplies stocked for your convenience. 

This portfolio last updated: 07-May-2019 9:00 AM