Sign Up for Emergency Notifications

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    The DU emergency notification system sends voice and text messages in the event of an emergency or weather closure.

    How to Sign Up for Notifications:

    1. Log onto webCentral and select the "MyWeb" tab.
    2. Click "Personal Information" and click "Notification Preferences".
    3. Enter the phone numbers you wish to receive voice and text messages.
    4. Check the phone number you wish to receive "Emergency TXT" messages.
    5. If you elected to receive a text message, respond to the confirmation message sent to the designated cell phone confirming that you wish to opt in to receive future emergency text messages.
    • The emergency notification system will call every contact number you provide and leave a voicemail if the call is unanswered.
    • The emergency notification system will be tested three times a year.
    • Text messages are optional and sent to only one number.
    • The phones owner assumes any costs associated with receiving text messages.

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