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    • Born and raised in Northwest Kansas, I attended the University of Kansas and completed both a Bachelors and Masters degree in social work there. Upon the completion of my MSW in 2007, I worked at the KU School of Social Welfare on the evaluation of the Kansas Department of Corrections’ Reentry Initiative in Topeka, Wichita, and Kansas City. The first two peer-reviewed articles detailing the evaluation have been published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation.

      Primary research area is the community reintegration and desistance process of both juvenile and adult incarcerated populations. Current research articles focus on the measurement of traumatic brain injury within incarcerated youth and young adults; program evaluation of a statewide reentry initiative; effects of multiple reentry program exposures on recidivism; and the impact of mental illness upon returning prisoners in the state of North Carolina. Also, I have interest in transdiscplinary approaches to social work research, especially those involving neuroscience and biomarker data.

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    • Denver, CO
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    • Veeh, C.A., Severson, M.E., & Lee, J. (in press). Evaluation of a Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative (SVORI) program in a Midwest state. Criminal Justice Policy Review.

      Williams, J.H., Nebbitt, V.E., Veeh, C.A., & Miller, D. (2015). Summary and conclusion: The challenges of public housing environments for youth. In V.E. Nebbitt, Adolescents in public housing: Addressing psychological and behavioral health (pp. 163-177). New York: Columbia University Press.

      Severson, M.E., Veeh, C.A., Bruns, K., & Lee, J. (2012). Who goes back to prison; who does not: A multiyear view of reentry program participants. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 51(5), 295-315. 

      Severson, M.E, Bruns, K., Veeh, C.A., & Lee, J. (2011). Prisoner reentry programming: Who recidivates and when? Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 50(6), 327-348.

      Williams, J.H. & Veeh, C.A. (2012). Continued knowledge development for understanding bullying and school victimization. Journal of Adolescent Health, 51(1), 3-5. 

  • Accepted Conference Presentations

    • Veeh, C.A. & Severson, M.E. (forthcoming July, 2015). A closer look at women released from prison: The interplay of mental health, substance involvement, and release conditions. Paper presented at the 34th International Congress of Law and Mental Health. Vienna, Austria.

      Mennicke, A.M., Tripodi, S.J., Veeh, C.A., Wilke, D.J. (January, 2015). Evaluating the outcomes of a prison-based domestic violence treatment program. Paper presented at the 2015 Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research. New Orleans, LA.

      Nicotera, N., Veeh, C.A., & Brewer, S.E. (May, 2014). Civic activity and well-being among first-year college students. Society for Prevention Research 22nd Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C. 

      Veeh, C.A., Severson, M.E., Bruns, K., & Lee, J. (January, 2014). Prisoner reentry programming vs. 'treatment-as-usual' in a state prison system: A comprehensive evaluation. 2014 Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research. San Antonio, TX.

      Severson, M.E., Veeh, C.A., Bruns, K., & Lee, J. (July, 2013). Doing justice in prisoner rehabilitation: Relapse prevention. 33rd International Congress of Law and Mental Health. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

      Veeh, C.A., Severson, M.E., Bruns, K., & Lee, J. (April, 2013). Rehabilitation in a prisoner reentry program: Is recidivism the appropriate measure of effectiveness? 55th Annual Western Social Science Association. Denver, CO.

      Veeh, C.A., Severson, M.E., Bruns, K., & Lee, J. (January, 2013). Rethinking rehabilitation in prisoner reentry program: Capturing the chaos of desistance. 2013 Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research. San Diego, CA.

      Veeh, C.A. (November, 2012). Traumatic brain injury and incarcerated youth: A role for social work. Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education. Washington, D.C.

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