• The University of Denver Student Employment Work-Study Program provides job opportunities for student with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay educational expenses.  Not all students will be part of this program- only students that have been awarded and accepted a federal work-study award may participate in this program.

    Typically, students obtain a work-study position on the DU Campus, and are provided with a salary for the job they are performing.  However, the University of Denver Student Employment Work-Study Prorgam ALSO allows eligible community agenices to post work-study job positions.  Agencies must be a non-profit or government/public agency. DU will cover 70% of the salary paid to the student; the community agency must cover 30% of the salary paid to the student.  See FAQs for more details. 

    If you would like to hire a DU work-study student, here are the steps you must take:

    1. Contact the Office of Student Employment and submit a posting for a work-study student on the DU student job portal.

    2. Conduct a fair and equitable search for the work-study position.  NOTE:  all applicants must be considered, and preferential treatment may not be given to anyone, including a GSSW Intern. 

    3. Once the student accepts a work-study position in a community agency, they officially become an employee of DU. 

    4. Student will submit regular timesheets through the DU system, and community agency supervisors must sign off on them.  DU will pay the student their salary.  DU will invoice the community agency for 30% of the salary a student earns each quarter.  Please see the FAQs link below for more information on this amount (typically less than $1500).

    The University of Denver Student Employment Work-Study Program is a huge benefit to our students, and is another way we can make graduate school more accessible and manageable for our students.  We encourage all eligible agencies to consider offering this option to our students.

    After reviewing the FAQ’s below, please let us know at field@du.edu if you have any additional questions about this program.


    Notes on a fair and equitable search.  

    The GSSW Internship and the DU Work-Study Program are  two distinct programs.  If you post a position for a work-study student, you may not automatically hire your GSSW student intern.  In accordance with Colorado's Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, all applicants must be given equal consideration in the application process.  If after reviewing all applicants, you end up selecting your GSSW student intern as your work study student, that is fine, as long as you have given fair consideration to all candidates that applied.  

    Your GSSW student intern may or may not be the same as your work-study student.  If you have selected your GSSW intern prior to the posting of your work-study job announcement, it is important that you do not give preferential treatment to your GSSW intern in the DU work study interview process. 

    Please click on the FAQs link below!  

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