Student Work-Study Program FAQ's

  • Which agencies qualify?:

    To qualify as a site for this program, Agencies must be an approved private, nonprofit origination, or public agency.  The work performed must be in the public interest.  (work that involves any partisan or nonpartisan political activity, or lobbying activities, do NOT qualify)

    Internship placements that are within a university or a college cannot be considered as part of the community service requirements per federal guidelines, therefore students completing internships in programs that are within a university or college cannot use their internship to be their work study site.  If a student is completing their internship at a DU program, they MAY still be eligible.  Please contact to determine eligibility.

    How much are students paid?:

    Agencies will determine the rate of pay for their work-study student- typically between $16-23/hour.  DU will cover 70% of the salary paid to the student; the community agency must cover 30% of the salary paid to the student.  Once approved, the student will become an employee of DU, and will complete their internship and work-study hours at your site, simultaneously.   Most DU Graduate Students will receive a maximum of $5000 iin work study award, meaning that in most cases, the maximum amount an agency will pay is $1500.  

    Will the DU work study position and the GSSW internship last for the same amount of hours?:

    Typically no.  Students typically only have $5000 in work study funding.  If an pay rate for a work study position is $16/hour, for example, then a student will run through their work study funding after 312.5 hours.  Unless they request and are approved for additional funds, their work study position will be over.  However, their required GSSW Internship must still continue until they have completed all required internship hours and demonstrated requried social work competencies.  This means, that some of their internship hours may overlap with their work study hours, while some will be in addition to their work study hours.  

    Can I hire my GSSW Intern as my DU work-study student?

    Yes, you may, as long as you have considered all applicants, and selected your work-study student based on the merits of the position, and you have not given preferential treatment to your GSSW Intern.  As a reminder, these two postions (the GSSW Intern and the DU work-study student) are completely different positions.  GSSW has not oversight over the work-study position, and the DU Office of Student Employment has no oversight over the GSSW Internship. 
    It is possible to have the same student in both roles, however, any issues pertianing to the GSSW Internship will be addressed by GSSW.  Any issues with the work-study position, will be addresssed by the DU Office of Student Employment

    What paperwork will the agency need to submit in order to become approved?

    You must contact to get the process started.  You will create a job posting on the DU Student Employment site.  Note, this is different from the GSSW Internships Database.  The DU Work Study Office will also request:

    • Signed Work Study Program Contract between Agency and DU (note this contract is different than the educational affiliation agreement with GSSW)
    • Proof of Nonprofit Status
    • Copy of Bylaws, Constitution, or Charter
    • Completion of Hire form

    I understand that I will have to submit a spearate job posting for the DU work study position.  How can I target my job description so that I am not overwhelmed by unqualified applicants?

    It is perfectly fine to specify needed qualifications on your DU work study job position.  For example, you may choose to select one required qualification as "must be a student currently enrolled in the DU Graduate School of Social Work, completing a required internship".  

    Can the job duties of the Internship and the Work-Study position be the same?

    Yes, but they don't have to be- or you can have some overlapping duties, and some different duties. You may also have a completely separate list of duties for your work-study student position.  Keep in mind, if you hire your GSSW Intern as your work-study student, only the learning activities that have been approved by GSSW for a masters level social work student may count towards their internship.  Again, these learning activities may have overlap with the work-study duties, in which case they can count towards both positions.  Many agencies may choose to use the same or similar internship description that they have posted in the GSSW Internships database for their DU work study job posting.  

    What are my responsibilities as a supervisor for a Work Study Student?

    Supervisors will approve timecards for students on a weekly basis.  Other than that, supervisors will be responsible for providing supervision and regular communication with work-study student employees.

    What happens if I need to terminate my work study student?

    You may terminate your work-study student if they are not performing up to expectations.  Supervisors are encouraged to give a verbal warning, and then a written warning prior to termination.  A formal Separation Form must be completed if a student needs to be terminated.  The Office of Student Employment will provide this form.  Please note, that terminating your student from their work study position is a separate process from terminating their GSSW Internship. To terminate a GSSW Internship, please contact your GSSW Field Liaison.

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