• HTML eMail

  • Electronic Invite
    Exhibition for Celebrity Artist Jerry Blank.
  • HTML eMail. International Contemporary Masters Exhibition
    Show hosted by Metropolitan Gallery Las Vegas

    HTML email designed to invite members and non-members of the Metropolitan Gallery and Art Museum for the annual International Contemporary Masters Exhibition. Email includes links to a google map, an rsvp form, official facebook page, forward to a friend link to open an email program and an unsubscribe link where recipients can fill out a form to remove themselves from the Museum's email list.

  • HTML eMail design for Cirque du Soliel Exhibition
    12th Annual Parade Exhibition for Cirque du Soliel Employees
  • Exhibition eMail invite for Cyber-Kinetic artist Michael Davies
    Exhibition eMail invite for Cyber-Kinetic artist Michael Davies
  • HTML eMail
    HTML eMail


  • http://mglv.org/HTML_EMAIL_2018_ICM/ICM2018_SHOW.html

  • http://mglv.org/rock_stars_4/rock_stars_4.html

  • http://mglv.org/5th_moon_group/inlined_compressed_GUEST_5th_moon.html

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