Conrad Kehn

Conrad Kehn

Classical Music for Rock Stars

Classical Music for Rock Stars

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      Conrad Kehn is a composer, performer, educator, and arts administrator. He is the founding Director of The Playground; a chamber ensemble dedicated to modern music.

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      I am available for performances, commissions, master classes, lessons and consulting.

      Contact me at 720-641-2414 or at to disucss.

    • More About Me

      I like to sing and play the piano. ..
      I watch sports on TV way too much. I like Hockey quite a bit. ..
      I get to do music from the time I get up until the time I go to bed. ..
      I have 2 beautiful daughters that help me simplify life and prioritize. ..
      I used to do a lot of stuff that I don’t do anymore. ..
      I drink lots of coffee. ..
      I learn more from teaching than I did from being a student. ..
      I spend too much time at the computer. ..
      I am always seeking a spiritual experience. ..
      I consider myself more of a creator/ collaborator than a composer. ..
      I wish I had more time to read. ..
      My hair has fallen out. ..
      I am afraid of my ego- mean little bastard.  ..
      I own guns and like to shoot them. ..
      The questions “What do you play?” or “What kind of music do you do?” make me uncomfortable. I have no real answer. ..
      I like European cars. ..
      I vote independent. Don’t be fooled into thinking the democrats are somehow that much better than the republicans. It’s lies!!!! ..
      I have grand opinions on every subject- just ask me. ..
      If I spend too much time thinking about myself I usually end up in some kind of pain. ..
      I have control issues- especially over money. ..
      Sometimes I say things that hurt people’s feelings without meaning too. ..
      Sometimes I mean to.

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