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    • This portfolio community supports DU principal investigators as they prepare proposals for the new Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards program.  Here you will find information on the program, on the application requirements, and on DU's internal, peer review selection process. DU can forward one proposal to the Boettcher Foundation for potential funding.  Please read the application materials carefully, and direct any questions to Corinne Lengsfeld, Associate Provost for Research (871-4843, Corinne.Lengsfeld@du.edu)

      From the 2017 program announcement:

      Colorado can only be a leader in scientific innovation if its most dynamic scientific minds are supported at early stages in their work. The Boettcher Foundation’s Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards program aims to support scientific innovation in Colorado by providing biomedical research funding for early-career investigators at the state’s research institutions.

      Created in July of 2008, the Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards program is the result of an innovative agreement among the Boettcher Foundation, the Webb-Waring Foundation for Biomedical Research and the University of Colorado. This document serves to describe the program, articulate the major goals of the program, and provide guidelines to research institutions and eligible applicants.

      The Boettcher Foundation’s Board of Trustees has determined that the proceeds of the Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards program will be directed to support Early-Career Investigators engaged in biomedical sciences in Colorado. Grants of $235,000 covering up to three years of research activity will be funded with the intent to provide independent research opportunities to promising and talented investigators. Successful projects will lead to independent research, thus making investigators competitive for major awards from federal agencies and private foundations. Early-Career Investigators (ECI’s) are faculty members who are four years or fewer from their first academic appointment. This program is designed to help recruit, retain, and advance scientific talent within Colorado and will be implemented in partnership with public and private nonprofit institutions that have significant biomedical research programs. The grants are anticipated to support the work of the "best and brightest" within the cohort of ECI’s in Colorado. This work will be significant in scope and impact, and the grants will provide support for major efforts in biomedical science. Eligible investigators will apply through competitive processes established within their individual institutions.

      The foundation, its trustees, and institutional partners deliberated for more than two years on the best way to acknowledge and celebrate the scientific and public service legacy of the Webb and Waring families. This program will ensure that these legacies live on in the discovery of new knowledge that improves human health and in the advancement of talented young scientists. The program enhances the mission of the Boettcher Foundation, which invests in the promise of Colorado and the potential of Coloradans.

      On an annual basis, the foundation will announce the establishment of pre-allocated grant amounts to: University of Colorado, Colorado State University, National Jewish Health, and a pool from which other eligible Colorado institutions can apply. The proceeds of the funding area within the foundation are used primarily to create these four pools, which are essentially limits against which

      each institution is invited to submit proposals for funding to the Boettcher Foundation. In order to guarantee the excellence and quality of funded programs, each institution will manage a competitive internal process characterized by the time-honored peer review process. The approach that employs a pre-allocation to research institutions is somewhat novel and is explained in detail in these guidelines.


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